In Review: Helpful Hacks That Made Our Jobs Easier in 2015

As we reflect back on the last year, we are grateful for the little things that not only made our jobs easier, but more productive.

Today’s roundup of the best hacks we featured will save you from embarrassing mistakes, make you look extra hip in front of your coworkers, keep you up to date on the latest apps, and hopefully, make your life a little more efficient. They just might even be the secret to your future success!

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The Best of: “Not Embarrassing Yourself” Hacks

1. Avoid grammatical errors by checking your grammar right from your browser with Grammarly.


2. Always read any articles and emails out loud slowly to yourself to hear how they sound. You’ll usually catch at least a couple typos or sentences that could use a few tweaks.

3. Have to Google something awkward? Open up a “New Incognito Window” for a history-free search experience.

The Best of: Productivity Tools & Tips

1. When using the Chrome browser, instead of going into Google Drive to find a document, type the document name into the navigation bar. If you use it regularly, your document will show up in the dropdown.

Google Drive

2. Trello is an awesome free project management tool. It’s takes the Kanban approach and is collaborative, easy to use and very visual.

3. Don’t want to forget to send an email to an important client? Use Boomerang to automatically send your email at the perfect time.

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The Best of: New Websites & Apps

1. Outsource time-consuming tasks or errands you don’t want to do with Taskrabbit.


2. Keep your passwords secure and fill ‘em out fast with 1Password for Win/Mac or LastPass for Win/Mac.

3. Don’t have access to a graphic designer? Try using Canva for Work. An easy way to create beautiful on-brand marketing materials, presentations and social media graphics.

The Best of: Social Media Hacks

1. In order to “pull” market on social media, focus on being useful and informative rather than consistently selling.

Social Media

2. Social media is constantly changing. Stay in the know by checking SocialMediaExaminer for the latest’s updates and social media marketing news.

3. Woobox helps you easily create powerful contests, sweepstakes, coupons, quizzes and more to grow your audience and amplify your marketing.

The Best of: Travel Hacks

1. Looking for the Wi-Fi password? The Foursquare comment section is a quick and pain-free way to get the code.

Wifi Password

2. Use Airfare Watchdog to get alerts about low price airfare for cheaper travel.

3. Download GateGuru to quickly learn everything from available amenity information, maps, weather forecasts, tips and much more about your next gate.

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The Best of: Time Management Hacks

1. Try using the Pomodoro technique. It consists of breaking work down into 25 minutes sprints of work followed by a five-minute break, in which you can relax and let your mind rest.


2. Needing to quickly read a long article? Try plugging it into SMMRY, to automatically summarize any text.

3. Use RescueTime app to track how much time you spend on websites, apps, and work. You can get daily and weekly reports to make sure you’re using your time efficiently.

The Best of: Lifestyle Hacks

1. Avoid having to use your credit card information when signing up for a free trial by using a VISA gift card instead.

Visa Gift Card

2. If you’re trying to improve your posture, classically train yourself from slipping into bad habits by setting an alert on your phone to remind you to sit up straight every 30 minutes. Soon, every time you get a text message or email alert, it will remind you to correct your posture.

3. Make it a habit to get exercise in the morning. Working long hours usually means staying glued to your desk and computer, which isn’t a healthy lifestyle. People that exercise in the morning are more likely to stick with it, and it also promotes better quality sleep.


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