You know what your lavish vacation is missing? Drone footage.

And that’s exactly what you will get if you decide to go with a new option offered by luxury bespoke travel provider Black Tomato with its Drone The World service.

You are already getting an extravagant experience with Black Tomato offerings. But now you can really archive the moment with a video offering that will lend Hollywood-like aerials to your vacation movies.

The following video highlights what a video might include in breathtaking views of the Mergui archipelago taken high above the landscape thanks to a trusty drone.

Now imagine this kind of footage peppering a holiday video you can show off to amazed friends and family.

Now that’s what we call some beautiful B-roll.

Black Tomato – Drone the World from Black Tomato on Vimeo.

Via release, Tom Marchant, Black Tomato’s co-founder, explained that there has been a rise in travelers who would desire a service that takes the work out of gorgeous holiday mementos such as this: “We’ve been seeing the rise of technology playing an important role in the tailor-made and unique travel offerings we’ve been putting together for clients for a while. Whilst people are becoming more comfortable taking their own still photography and footage on their phones and cameras, we have seen a rise in clients wanting to professionally capture their travels.”

The website explains how easy it is to procure the service. Essentially, you request to drone your holiday once you book your trip and from there get to meet the photographer who will be the magic man or woman behind the scenes.

This way you get the exact type of shot that will bring your vacation to life many months from now when you sit on your couch a relive the experience.

Merchant continues, “We looked at our own network of cameramen and photographers and have slowly been offering people the opportunity to capture these incredible destinations from a new perspective and a new height.  In order to deliver truly one of a kind travel experiences with a difference we’re now offering all clients the chance to travel with famous drone cameramen to add another new dimension to their holidays.”

The website also has a list of the top 10 destinations where you might want to infuse the dazzle of drone footage such as the previously mentioned archipelago in Myanmar, Jokularson lagoon in Iceland, the Gobi Desert and the expanse of Thailand.

The possibilities are as diverse as you would imagine from such a travel service, capturing the sweeping landscapes of a desert scene or the lush verdant expanse of a Thailand valley.

Black Tomato explains what kind of high-end footage you are really getting here.

The example it uses is a family that visited Myanmar only to have Tim Browning take the aerial footage.

Browning’s credits include working on “Star Wars” and James Bond films. And, perhaps, that roll may one day include your own family’s journey too.