Friendly dog allergic to people

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    Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue

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    Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue

Adam the dog loves people, but he can’t have much contact with them right now.

The black Labrador retriever was recently rescued by a woman in Indianapolis, who noticed the dog had an odd irritation that wouldn’t go away.

“We still couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so we took him in for a blood test,” Robin Herman, the dog’s owner, told RTV6.

Turns out, her new pet is allergic to humans.

“Humans? I thought (the veterinarian) was kidding, she said just like we can be allergic to dogs, he’s allergic to human dander,” Herman said.

Adam will soon start treatment that is similar to allergy shots for kids.

“He’s smart, he learns, knows a bunch of commands, he’s a great dog. It’s not his fault. We raised as much money as we can and we’re not going to stop until he’s better,” Herman said.

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