Are you giving your child the wrong amount of medicine?


One of the most difficult tasks for new parents is remembering the proper doses for their children’s medication, especially since the amount changes as kids grow. The app Kids Fever MD is designed to help parents with this challenging task.

Kids Fever MD, developed by New Jersey pediatrician Julio Guerra, maps out exactly how much acetaminophen or ibuprofen to give a child based on his current weight. Guessing dosages for these common pain and fever reducers can lead to unintentional overdose, which could be deadly.

Using the app, parents specify the medication, input information from the bottle and record their child’s weight. The app then gives the recommended dose.

In an effort to reduce any dosage confusion, the app provides a numerical value and visual representation of the correct amount kids of all ages, up through the teenage years.

To find out more, visit kidsfevermd.com

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