Get Inspired: The Top 10 Blogs on Sales Management for 2016

At Ariad Partners, we work as closely with our clients’ sales team as we do their marketing team.

It doesn’t matter how many leads a PR and inbound marketing strategy brings in, if the leads don’t become opportunities and then closed-won sales, it will never be seen as a success.

In my experience, the best sales professionals are always looking for ways to improve their sales and negotiation skills. 

Whether they are just starting out or seasoned professionals, they want to take training and read books that help them close the next sale.

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As a 20+ year veteran of sales and marketing, I know that there are hundreds (thousands!) of resources out there. Below are some of our favorite sales focused blogs. We hope you’ll find a new gem in there to help you make 2016 your best year yet!

1. Predictable Revenue – Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross is an award-winning, bestselling author so it’s no surprise that his blog is one to watch. Predictable Revenue delves deep into topics such as workflow, ROI, cold calling, and email marketing to help readers invigorate their sales processes and increase customer satisfaction. If lead generation is important to you (and I know it is!) you won’t want to miss the next installment on this blog.

2. Fresh Sales Strategies – Jill Konrath

Searching for new insights on sales management? Check out Jill Konrath’s blog for advice on one of the most important parts of your sales force — strategy. With a focus on working smart and adopting the right mindset, her weekly blog reads like a blueprint for success. If you are ready to make some big changes in 2016, be sure to add this blog to your reading list.

3. Sales Source – Geoffrey James on Inc.

As a contributing editor for Inc.com, Geoffrey James offers a witty and sharp edged look at the business of sales that includes thought provoking posts such as “Cold Calling is a Waste of Time” and “5 Reasons CIOs Have Become Irrelevant.” If you’re looking for a sales management blog that cuts through the noise and gets straight to the point, Sales Source won’t disappoint.

4. Sales Pro Insider – Nancy Bleeke

Sales Pro Insider is an award winning blog help centered on helping companies improve sales, productivity, and customer service through better leadership and management. Nancy Bleeke is a thought leader in sales management who inspires readers with her innovative ideas on how attitudes and habits can shape our success. Whether you’re interested in getting quick tips or want to learn new ways of thinking, Sales Pro Insider is well worth reading.

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5. Smart Calling Blog – Art Sobczak

Art Sobczak has been helping people with cold calling tips and sales techniques for more than 30 years. If your company is using the phone for inside sales or prospecting, his Smart Calling Blog is an invaluable resource that will get through, get in, persuade, and sell.

6. Jonathan Farrington’s Blog

Part of Jonathan Farrington’s philosophy is to be conscious, aware, and intentional about our choices, and be open and ready to change. His enlightening discussions challenge the status quo and get the reader thinking more critically about the future of sales management and what Farrington calls the “era of collaboration.”

7. ViewPoint

Produced by lead generation, qualification and nurturing company PointClear, ViewPoint is great resource for advice on B2B sales, marketing & lead generation. Along with tips on how to stop losing leads, generate more sales, and improve your ROI you’ll also find keen observations on management, marketing, and social media.

8. The Sales Hunter

Motivational speaker, author and sales trainer Mark Hunter shares his methods and strategies for sales success through leadership and organizational change. The Sales Hunter influences and inspires with brilliant observations you’ll want to share with the entire sales team. It’s the perfect antidote for anyone in a sales slump.

9. Rain Sales Training

What happens when five of the world’s most respected sales experts join forces to author a blog on sales? Nothing short of amazing. Get ready to unleash your full sales potential and become a true rainmaker. Informative posts like “Your 6-Step Guide to Setting and Achieving Sales Goals: You Can Get There From Here” and perceptive insights on the buying process, insight selling, and value proposition will quickly have you and your team overcoming obstacles that stand in your way of success.

10. Acquirent’s Blog

Since 2008, Acquirent has been blogging about outsourced sales solutions covering topics ranging from recruiting and sales management to social media and technology. Just the right length for a quick read, Acquirent’s blog is loaded with helpful tips, news on the latest trends, and the occasional interview with an industry expert. Definitely one you should bookmark!

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Hopefully we introduced you to a few new names on this list. Which sales blogs do you follow? Please share your favorites with us.

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