Coahuila in northern Mexico becomes country’s 3rd state to adopt ban on bullfighting

A third Mexican state has banned bullfighting after a concerted campaign by animal rights groups.

The congress of the northern state of Coahuila took a final vote on the matter Friday.

The issue was promoted by the Green Party, but passed with the support of the majority of the representatives from the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party.

Coahuila’s governor said prior to the legislative debate that bullfights are barbaric and most of the state’s citizens oppose them.

Sonora was the first Mexican state to ban bullfights in 2013. Guerrero followed in 2014. Some parts of Spain have also banned the events.

In a bullfight, the bull is first weakened and partially incapacitated by horsemen and others before the bullfighter enters to make the kill with a sword.

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