China pushes emergency use of COVID vaccine despite concerns

BEIJING — After the first shot, he had no reaction. But Kan Chai felt woozy following the second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine approved for emergency use in China. “When I was driving on the road, I suddenly felt a bit dizzy, as if I was [...]

Argentine lawmaker suspended after kissing woman's breast during virtual congressional meeting

A lawmaker in Argentina seen kissing a woman’s breast during a live Zoom meeting of the legislature has been suspended from his post. Juan Emilio Ameri sparked outrage with his conduct as the video of the incident went viral. Argentinians [...]

China is building more secret detention centers in Xinjiang, think tank says

China’s network of detention centers in Xinjiang, where Muslim minorities are allegedly being subjected to acts of repression, appears to be expanding — and a greater number of the facilities are resembling prisons, an Australian [...]

Vladimir Putin calls on US to agree to non-interference pact for upcoming elections: report

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the United States to agree to a pact of non-interference in upcoming elections, with fresh accusations from each country over “disinformation” and social media meddling, according to reports. [...]

London officer shot dead while detaining suspect at station

A British police officer was shot dead inside a London police station early Friday while detaining a suspect, who also sustained a gunshot wound. London’s Metropolitan Police force said the officer was shot at the Croydon Custody Center [...]

Terror probe opened into Paris knife attack that left at least 2 injured

Paris officials have opened a terror investigation into a knife attack Friday near the former offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo that left several people with life-threatening injuries. The investigation was opened into “attempted [...]

North Korea's Kim apologizes over shooting death of S. Korean

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un apologized Friday over the killing of a South Korea official near the rivals’ disputed sea boundary, saying he’s “very sorry” about the incident he called unexpected and unfortunate, South Korean officials [...]

Venezuela's Maduro denounces US as “the most serious threat to world peace” in UN address

Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro took aim at the United States during his UN General Assembly address on Wednesday, accusing Washington of “criminal, inhuman aggression” toward his regime in a long, winding pre-recorded [...]

From bomb-affixed drones to narco tanks and ventilated tunnels: How well-equipped are the Mexican cartels?

Mexico’s increasingly militarized crackdown of powerful drug cartels has left nearly 39,000 unidentified bodies languishing in the country’s morgues – a grotesque symbol of the ever-burgeoning war on drugs and rampant violence. Investigative [...]

South Korean official, who may have tried to defect to the North, shot to death, burned: report

A South Korean government official who may have tried to defect to North Korea was shot to death and then set on fire by Navy sailors from the communist country, a report said Thursday. The 47-year-old man vanished from a boat on Monday [...]