M87*: History-making supermassive black hole seen to do a shimmy

Image copyright EHT Image caption Examining old data, the scientists can tell the bright region in the ring moves around When [...]

Green plans diluted as government protects farmers

Image caption In the UK, wheat is the largest arable crop A plan to use all of England’s farm grants to protect the environment is being diluted, the [...]

Arctic sea-ice shrinks to near record low extent

Image copyright MOSAIC/AWI/Steffen Graupner This summer’s Arctic sea-ice shrank to its second lowest ever extent in the era of satellite observation. The floes withdrew to just under [...]

Alligator on gas snaps up Ig Nobel prize

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionAlligator bellows: The first pair of sounds are in ambient air; the second pair are in heliox Have you heard the one about the alligator that performed the party trick [...]

California and Oregon 2020 wildfires in maps, graphics and images

Image copyright Getty Images Dozens of wildfires have been burning their way through swathes of the US West Coast over the last month, killing more than 30 people and forcing tens of thousands [...]

'Total failure' on English river water quality

Image copyright Getty Images All of the rivers, lakes and streams in England are polluted, says the Environment Agency. The figures reveal a complete lack of progress towards the target of [...]

Plastic pollution: Washed clothing's synthetic mountain of 'fluff'

Image copyright SPL Image caption Polyester and nylon fibres: We began our collection of synthetic clothing in the 1950s [...]

UK Space Agency funds tech for orbital awareness

Image copyright D-ORBIT Image caption Artwork: D-Orbit’s carrier platform has cameras that could also look for nearby space debris [...]

Gene editing to produce 'super dad' livestock

Image copyright JonOatley Image caption The genetically modified goats are a “proof in principle”, say scientists [...]

Climate change: Warmth shatters section of Greenland ice shelf

A big chunk of ice has just broken away from the Arctic’s largest remaining ice shelf – 79N, or Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden – in north-east Greenland. The ejected section covers about 110 [...]