How To Write Product Descriptions That Lead to More Sales

If you run an online store, you know how important it is to write copy that’s enticing and grabs the customers’ attention. Because shoppers don’t get to view your products in person, it’s essential to write accurate [...]

7 Things to Do After Your Job Interview to Get Hired Faster

Whew, your interview’s over. You’re probably feeling relieved and eager to hear about the next steps. Instead of just sitting back and crossing your fingers that a job offer will come your way, there are a few things you should [...]

Mistakes That Cause Data-Driven Innovations to Fail

The online marketplace is a very competitive space. A lot of innovation will simply fail before it has a chance to be noticed and adopted by the population. Gartner stated in 2014 that by 2018, less than 0.01% of apps developed for the marketplace [...]

CEO Roundtable Meeting Redefines the Role of a Corporation

Since 1978, the Business Roundtable has released new Principles of Corporate Governance from time to time. Every document released since 1997 propped up the idea that corporations only exist to serve shareholders. This new announcement outlines [...]

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How to Solve CRM Adoption Deadlock

According to CIO Digital Magazine, between 18% and 69% of CRM implementation projects fail. Here are four outline common reasons why users may end up in a deadlock with a newly implemented CRM and countermeasures that have proved to be effective [...]

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How to Turn Your Small Business into a Successful Franchise

Franchising your small business essentially means you can expand your business using “other people’s money.” But while that may be true, there are still other costs involved and a lot of work to put in before the pay-off [...]