How to Build a Strong Company Culture (Even When You All Work From Home)

In my company, which has always been a strong advocate for working from home, we have substantially influenced our culture and slowly made most elements compatible for work within this system. With COVID-19 forcing many physical business [...]

How to Decide on Your Company's Fiscal Year

Choosing when to start your fiscal year is one of the first things you need to do when setting up a new business. It may sound like the easiest thing to do, but this one small step definitely has a big impact. Among other things, your fiscal [...]

How to Protect Your Startup With a Sustainable Mindset

Although we might hear the words “growth” or “scale” in the same business context, these terms don’t necessarily mean the same thing. Startup leaders looking to grow their companies sustainably must be highly [...]

SPONSORED: A Comprehensive Overview of Vast Conference

Connecting and collaborating with colleagues, clients, and different departments are essential workplace requirements. And doing both well can significantly improve your office’s efficiency and productivity. Whether it’s streamlining [...]

What Is a Reasonable PTO Policy?

A PTO policy is a set of rules regarding your employees’ time off that your company pays for. There are three main types of PTO policies: bank, accrued and unlimited. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important [...]

The Role of ISO Certification in Business Growth

Quality management is an essential organizational tool that can readily empower small businesses and allow them to thrive amidst the cut-throat competition. While there are quite a few quality management options available, nothing beats [...]

17 Effective Sales Tricks to Gain Loyal Customers

Firstly, warm greetings to all those who have landed on this page and are reading this article. I am Usman Raza, and my many satisfied customers, whom I work for through multiple businesses that my team and I have established over the past [...]

Tips for Setting Better Business Goals

Setting business goals helps you figure out which direction your company should be headed. Active and affirmative language is key when writing your goals because it impacts how you perceive them.   To make your goals reachable, make sure [...]

Your E-Commerce Data Security Checklist for 2020

Your store’s e-commerce data is very valuable, and not just to your business. As more merchants store data and build profiles on their customers to offer customer experience enhancements like seamless omnichannel shopping, cyberthieves [...]

3 Ways the Government Can Help Small Businesses Through the Pandemic

Small businesses are an integral part of the U.S.economy. Companies with fewer than 100 workers employ about 33.4% of the U.S. population. There are countless impressive small business statistics you can read to appreciate how important [...]