How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas For Your Blog

A blog can be one of the most valuable aspects of your website. It’s where you get to create content relevant to your industry, educate your audience on important topics and add personality to your writing. However, coming up with ideas [...]

7 Profit-Boosting Ways to Protect Your Business From a Recession

Pundits may disagree on the date, but they agree on one thing: a recession is coming. When an economic downturn strikes, you need to be ready. At the same time, you can’t miss out on the tail end of a good economy. The current expansion [...]

3 Non-financial Factors That Affect the Value of Your Business

The top three nonfinancial factors that can drastically affect business values are management structures, diversity, and growth potential.  If you’re the buyer, these factors can help you see the bigger picture outside the numbers and [...]

Accidents in the Workplace: Is the Employer Responsible?

Workplace accidents are very common and employers must be very protective toward workplace accidents. Workers must always ensure that they’re following all provided guidelines to the dot, but when something goes wrong, they should pursue [...]

How Outsourcing Software Development Can Help Fintech Businesses

The financial services industry is quickly becoming a leader in software development. Research shows that investments in financial technology, or fintech, reached $34 billion in 2018. Much of this growth is attributed to the rise of emerging [...]

How to Increase Feedback and Encourage Product Reviews at Walmart

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How to Create an Accessible E-Commerce Website

Web accessibility is more important than you might think. After all, you wouldn’t create a retail store without a wheelchair ramp and other accommodations for individuals with special needs. In fact, due to regulations under the Americans [...]

How to Negotiate with Freelancers

Thanks to the fact that the gig economy has grown explosively in recent years, more freelancers now populate the ranks of the modern workforce than ever before. Despite the increased number of freelancers who have made their services available [...]

Diversity Isn't a Checkbox: Here's How to Make It an Intentional Movement

Workplace diversity is sometimes seen as “have to” rather than a “want to” or “need to.” Diversity works best when it’s organically integrated into a company’s cultural fabric.  Championing [...]

How Leveraged Buyouts Can Help Small Businesses

Small businesses are constantly on the prowl for additional funds, and who could blame them? It’s only possible to remain competitive in the modern marketplace if you’re constantly investing in your future, and this may mean [...]