Your Place to Shine: Creating an About Page That Stands Out

Does it feel like an impossible task to increase your customer base? Maybe you’re struggling to stand out from the crowd?

You know your product is great. You know the price is right. So it can be so frustrating to realise you’re just not reaching the right people. Or, more importantly, the right people aren’t reaching you.

Let’s face it. Everybody and their mother can (and most likely, has) set up a business these days. So obviously, standing out from the crowd is going to be tougher.

One surefire way to stand out from the crowd is to make a good first impression. When I visit a website that I’ve never been to before, the first page I’m going to click on is the ‘about’ page. If this bores/offends/or just doesn’t appeal to me, I’m going to leave.

It’s no secret that the attention span of our customers is reducing, with 55 percent of visitors spending fewer than 15 seconds on a website.

So, how do we solve this?

Well, let’s start by creating an amazing ‘About’ page. The about page is your first, and in most cases, only chance to win over new customers, so it has to be incredible. It has to be eye-catching, whilst giving out the appropriate information about your business.

In this article, we’re going to look at 7 ways you can create an about page that will definitely set you aside from the crowd.

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1. Tell a Story

We all love a good story, and telling yours will further intrigue customers into doing business with you. Stories humanize your brand and show that you have nothing to hide. Take a look at this about page by web designer, Joe Payton:

Joey Payton About Me

This tells visitors to the site exactly what they need to know about the brand, and maybe even a little more than they need to know – but all of this instils trust in potential customers. The way the story is set out also allows Joe Payton to showcase his skills as a web designer.

2. Get Your Point Across

People are visiting your about page to find out what your company is all about. Don’t waste their time, or else you’ll lose their attention, and BOOM!—They’ll be gone. Take a look at this example from Crane Brothers:

The very title of this about page is ‘Less is More’, and they nailed it. The company’s founder explains, in just a few paragraphs, exactly what his company is about. There’s no nonsense, no fluffiness, it’s straight to the point, and gives a clear indication of the brand voice.

3. Have Fun

With internet users having such short attention spans, showing your fun side can really help you keep them on your site.

You can be fun in any way you feel is appropriate for your business, for example, some business include quirky illustrations on their about pages, whilst others include funny photos of their staff, or incredibly witty copy. Take a look at this snippet of the about page from Innocent Drinks:

This interactive timeline immerses us into the world of Innocent Drinks, and not only is it fun, it’s addictive too.

4. Show Your Personality

Giving website visitors even the smallest insight into your personality as a brand, a team, or even an individual, could mean the difference between them choosing you over a competitor.

The Wyzowl ‘About Us’ page does an awesome job of showing the brand personality:


This infographic-style page not only tells us a lot about the brand (they love coffee, cake, and competition), it also allows us to see the quality of work they can produce as a creative agency.

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5. Show Your Human Side

No one wants to do business with a ‘faceless’ organisation. No matter how well you get your point across, or how fun your about page is, without humanizing your brand, you won’t interest customers.

The National Geographic Society is renowned for doing good. So it’s no surprise that the about page shows off all they have done for the planet so far.

Of course, we’re not all National Geographic, but we can certainly take a leaf out of their book. Why do you do what you do? Does your brand support any charities? Customers need to know these things.

6. Be Honest

Honesty is imperative in any long-lasting relationship, and presumably, you want your customers to stick around for as long as possible. The Blind Pig Design about page is very honest about its humble beginnings and the growth that has occurred since then. Honesty like this can make a business very appealing.

This point is almost a continuation of the previous. Being honest will show off the human side of your brand even more.

7. Show Behind the Scenes

We’ve talked a lot about using your about page as a way of letting prospective customers know more about you (Wow. A lot of ‘abouts’ in that sentence!). And, what better way to do that than let them in on what happens behind the scenes?

The Nerdery‘s about page is an awesome example of this:

In true nerd style, they give out every single possible piece of data about their website through their about page. The team member pages are the best part as they allow you to get to know each individual, right down to how many days they have worked at The Nerdery.

So, there you have it! 7 ways to create an about page that sets you aside from the crowd. But, if you really, really want to stand out then you should use all 7 at once!

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