Watch: Social Media Expert Mari Smith Gives Entrepreneur Marketing Makeover

Marketing your business in 2015 is almost as complicated, confusing and tedious as running your business itself. The current reality is that those who can market their business well will rise to the top.

In our world of constant connection, digital marketing and social media are game changers. This is why people like Mari Smith are so highly in demand—the “Queen of Facebook” is a treasure trove of digital marketing knowledge.

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Mari has tapped the power of social media and relationship marketing to build her brand. While her root endeavor was to market her online courses, Mari’s social savvy has led her to also become a keynote speaker, four-time published author, Facebook partner and more. She built her business by doing this, and has a personal and professional mission of helping others do the same.  

Enter: the Makeover With Mari contest. A natural segue for the marketing maven, Mari’s brand offers her community a chance to win a one-day, personal workshop with Mari that promises for a marketing overhaul. Her mission with her contest is to share her knowledge of digital and social marketing in an immersive, hands-on, one-on-one experience.

The very first “Makeover With Mari” winner was Leah Tremain, CEO and Co-founder of Tremain Media and Tremain Visual.  As an established businesswoman and media creator, Leah and her businesses are no strangers to the marketing world, but they were ready to take their digital game to the next level. Lucky for them, a Makeover With Mari was in store.

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In the two short hours I spent with Mari and Leah, we discussed Leah’s makeover with questions, like “should I have two separate Facebook accounts for each of my companies, or should they be together?” and “What’s more important for marketing, blogs or email?”

Since Leah’s two businesses are both in the market of creating media for her clients, Mari guided her through constructing a plan that utilizes the tactics she uses for clients for her own brand.

“It’s easy to overlook my own marketing as I typically focus on client needs. Mari shifted my perspective and had me looking at broader digital strategies to help me attract and retain clients and broaden my market. Anything I implement for myself here – will then be rolled into a service I can offer clients – so it’s a double win! I was just starting to see the power of social media marketing before my ‘Makeover with Mari’ – but now that has been cemented and grown with actual strategy,” Leah said.

Mari’s mission doesn’t end with Leah—she’s currently accepting entries for the second “Makeover With Mari.”

“Success in today’s rapidly moving digital world requires a robust strategy with a wide range of variables. These include compelling offers and lead generation strategies, building landing pages, creating and curating quality content to publish on social channels, amplifying with paid placement, and having proven sales and social customer care processes in place,” Mari told us. “All this takes time and effort for the busy business owner. As an online business development specialist, I’m delighted to share my knowledge with lucky Makeover with Mari winners, as well as introduce more people to the tools, apps and systems I use in my own business!”

Enter now for you chance to win a “Makeover With Mari” here, and apply her DIY strategies she outlines in the video to your marketing today!

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