The Perfect Fit: 5 Ways to Find the Best Digital Marketing Candidates

The digital marketing field is constantly evolving.

This means that in order to keep up with your online competitors, you must enlist a team of top digital marketing pros who are not only up to speed, but willing to continue to keep up with the industry’s daily twists and turns.

If you’re looking to build a stronger digital marketing team, you’re not alone.

Reports say that 38 percent of companies will hire more digital marketing professionals in the coming year.

The good news? There are plenty of awesome digital marketers to fill roles as they come available. The not so awesome news? It can be a bit difficult to identify the best candidates for your company.

If you’re currently in the process of filling a critical role on your digital marketing team, here are my five tips to help you qualify a top digital marketing professional.

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1. Look for Referrals Within Your Network

One of the most trusted places you can find referrals for additional employees is within your current employee network. To encourage consistent referrals from your employees, start a referral rewards program.

Maybe offer a bonus or a cool prize for employees who recommend a candidate who is hired and employed for a certain amount of time. RecruiterBox offers up an excellent guide that can help you get started on the process of building a solid employee referral

2. Get to Know the Candidate’s Background

When an employer focuses only on a candidate’s qualifications during the hiring process, it hinders their ability to hire a candidate who will be a great fit within their team. One of the first steps in getting to know a candidate’s background is to run a quick background check. If you don’t have a system in place for this already, there are online options that can help you.

Once you’ve run the check to make sure their record checks out, take a look at the candidate’s social profiles. Does their personality seem like it would fit within your company culture? Do they seem to have a fairly positive outlook on their current and past work, or do they seem a bit negative.

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3. Try Asking a “Scenario-Based Question” to Understand a Candidate’s Work Ethic

During the interview process, it might be a good idea to ask each candidate to answer one complex, scenario-based question during an interview. Don’t take up too much of their time, but try asking them to solve a problem or complete a puzzle to analyze their work ethic.

For example, Business Insider reports that Google asks potential Software Engineers to explain why manholes are round. They also ask potential Product Managers how many golf balls can fit in a school bus. Try coming up with a relevant question like this for each of your candidates. During the activity, notice things like how they approach a complex issue, whether or not they’re frustrated easily, and how their analytical process flows.

4. Look for Cues That Indicate They’re Passionate About Their Work

No matter how talented a candidate may be, it’s unlikely that they’ll be capable of consistently yielding top results for your company if they don’t have the passion to drive their talent.

Employee disengagement can be caused on the job by a variety of factors, but if you spot it in the initial interview, it will more than likely only get worse and more costly for your company if the candidate is hired.

Sometimes it’s obvious that the candidate is passionate about what they do throughout the interview process. Other times, it will be necessary to ask the right questions to find out. Try asking each candidate which project they were most proud of at their last firm and why. Maybe ask them if they’re currently working on any side projects and if so, ask them what motivates them to work outside of the office.

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5. Include Your Team Toward the End of the Process

Culture is key. If a new hire can’t seem to get along well with others on the team, it will start affecting your entire team’s work negatively. If you’re currently working on a “big” hire, meaning that the person you employ will play a key role on your team, try bringing the whole team in on the final interview.

Maybe invite your team and the candidate to coffee in a casual setting to see how they interact with one another. If they seem to interact well with their potential coworkers, this could be the right candidate for your team. If they seem dismissive or suddenly have a strange attitude when they’re around your team, it might be better to keep looking.

Hopefully these five tips will help you as you begin to qualify your top digital marketing candidates this year. If you have a few tips that have helped you qualify top digital marketing talent for your company, I’d love to hear them.

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