Sales Skills: How to Immediately Connect with Absolutely Anyone

Connecting with anyone will ultimately ensure that you are successful in selling your products and services.

The ability to immediately make a connection with anyone is a powerful skill to have. This is not something you are born with.

Anyone can learn to make conversions with persuasions.

If you want to connect with someone, you can do it. But it requires you to change your thinking.

For the purposes of this article, you are going to assume that you are selling paradise retreats. You need to convince a buyer to buy.

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Start With Their Name

It’s an amazingly powerful psychological tactic to simply use the name of the person you are speaking to. So many conversations happen without a single mention of the person’s name. This is not a problem by itself, but it puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

Using someone’s name every so often adds a personal element to your sales pitch. If you are trying to sell someone a home, the relationship can seem distant. In order to establish trust and credibility, begin by establishing a rapport by using the person’s name on occasion.

Breaking the Ice

The worst thing you can do in the real estate trade is to immediately start trying to make a sale. The best option for you is to break the ice and encourage people to lower their natural defenses. This will lead to a far more fruitful conversation going forward. Studies show that people are more likely to buy from those they know and trust.

As someone trying to sell, people have already made assumptions about you, and they’re not necessarily good ones.

What Can You Do for Them?

When trying to sell anything, you always have to remember that you are not there to become their friend. There’s nothing worse than trying to do so because it comes across as insincere. The customer isn’t stupid. They know that this is a business relationship and nothing more.

You are in the business of solving problems. Always ask what you can do for them. When you are showing people around vacation homes, don’t just talk about the features of the home. Talk about how those features can contribute to a better life for them.

How are these features making their lives easier?

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Make Every Word Count

Sellers of real estate and sellers of second-hand cars are notorious for talking and never being able to stop talking at any point. You have so much to say, but most of what you’re saying is going to go straight over the head of anyone listening to you.

Understand that most of what you’re saying is nothing more than noise. To make a connection, shut up for a second and think about the meaning of your words. You should be concentrating on making every word count.

If you can do that, people are going to pay more attention because they know that you actually have something worthwhile to say.

Let Them Do the Talking

The reason why you are not clinching a sale is because you don’t know enough about your prospects. When you welcome someone to the house, you need to know what matters to them. Not every feature is going to matter to everyone. You need to adjust your pitch based on what people want.

The only way you are going to find out more about what people want is to allow them to do the talking. This can be done relatively easy by engaging in small talk. Ask them about their lives and they will usually be happy to oblige.

You are gathering important information and making people feel good because there’s nothing people like more than being able to talk about themselves.

What About the Issue of Personality and Gelling?

Some people say that the reason they didn’t connect with someone is because their personalities didn’t fit together. To an extent, this is true. There are scenarios where people don’t gel with each other, but these are no where near as common as people like to think.

It’s often used as an excuse in order to explain away a poor interaction. Rather than using this as a crutch, think about why you didn’t clinch the sale and why you didn’t seem to connect.

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Making a connection is difficult. It requires you to think on the move and to take into account a range of personal needs. How are you going to better connect with your target audience today?


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