Mobile Business 101: Working Effectively from Your Smart Phone

The number of people using a smartphone is expected to reach 2.08 billion worldwide users this year.

For many users, their phone is the first thing they grab in the morning, and the last thing they look at before bed.

A smartphone is now a portal to the entire world. It’s almost an extension of their body. Something they believe they need to have to survive.

While it may not be that drastic, the simple smartphone has evolved into an essential daily tool. And many have now view smartphones as the #1 tool for their business.

But it’s a tool, like any other. It has certainly made simple communications easier, but it can also seem limiting at times.

As we move toward a more technologically driven society, it’s time to learn to use these tools to help us run our businesses effectively and effectively.

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Here are a few resources to help you understand the possibilities this technology brings to your business:

Increase Productivity and Organization

As business owners, productivity is a key element to success. However, it’s just as important to be organized. Here are two great apps that can help with both.

  • Evernote: This is the essential note taking tool for any professional, and it works across multiple types of devices.
  • Pocket: Lets you save interesting articles and videos to access later. This works great when you run across business info that’s important, but you don’t have time to read right that minute.
  • Wunderlist: One of the best to-do apps on the market. Also has a business option for working with a team.

Keep Track of Your Time

Since we are not tied to our desks anymore, we can literally work from anywhere. However, if you’re any type of freelancer that gets paid by the hour, you still have to track billable hours. Here’re a few apps that can help you track your time.

  • Toggl: One of the best, and it has a free version for both Android and iPhone.
  • Eternity Time Log: Helps track three things: work, play and sleep. 

Manage Large Projects

Even with a small device like a smartphone, you can easily manage large, complex projects if you have the right app. Here’s a few to try.

  • Trello: Allows you to easily track each step of a project’s status using highly visual boards.
  • Basecamp: Awesome app for working on a team project. You’re not charged per user, but for the entire project. 

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Talk to a Group

Sometimes you have to not only talk to a group but keep track of what’s been said. If you need to stay in touch with a team, and email will be too difficult.

  • HipChat: Group and private chat, file sharing, and integrations, all with a fun and easy interface.
  • Slack: Keeps everything in sync, regardless of what device you’re using. Plus, it has additional apps that can be used with Slack, like Statsbot to measure marketing stats.


Simply put, business runs on profit. And in the ever-growing pursuit of profit, we need to have an easy way to get paid. That’s where mCommerce comes in. These apps make it easy to get paid directly to your accounts using your smartphone.

  • PayPal Here: PayPal will send you a device to swipe cards, and you will receive payments directly into your PayPal account, not your bank account. Great if you don’t mind using your PayPal account as your primary business account.
  • Square: Like PayPal Here, Square uses a card reader. The main advantage is you can choose what bank you want the money deposited into.

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Work Effectively Anywhere

This is just a fraction of what can be accomplished using only a smartphone. Business can literally be conducted anywhere on the planet that has mobile service.

However, don’t sacrifice the quality of your work for convenient mobility.  Learn to keep the mobile side of your business as effective and efficient as the rest.

Your business will run faster and become more profitable when you choose the right tools to support your mobile business.

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