Lights, Camera, Action: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Video Marketing Potential

The modern era of entrepreneurship is pretty discrete when it comes to strategies and executions.

Days are gone when trial and error methods used to work like charm. Organizations are thin on time as every second there is a new competitor, breathing down their neck.

Over the years, businesses have been expressive and this brings us to the willful adoption of visual content as a part of the entrepreneurial strategy.

The best thing about videos is the information presented in an engaging manner. With visual content popularizing with each passing day, it is imperative of us to delve deeper into the world of video marketing.

For an organization to grow as a brand, the audience needs to be cognizant of the video-centric excavations and quests as it would then ease out the process of tapping, playing and sharing. Videos are raging at the moment and offer a larger scope to myriad businesses, helping them grow and express.

However, the advent of video marketing isn’t monopolized and several firms have now been making moves right toward the zenith. The marketing tactics are therefore vital as one must look to offer content in an engaging yet original manner. Unlike the world of words, videos have the potential to grow beyond expectations.

These findings are sumptuously backed up by relevant data as 2015 witnessed a massive growth of video views over Facebook, surging up to eight billion per day as compared to four billion.

As per reports, 96 percent of B2B firms have already adopted a marketing strategy inclined toward videos. If these statistics aren’t ample proof, most brands have seen 157 percent organic traffic growth with videos added into the mix.

With videos increasing the likelihood of online purchases by 64 percent, it’s time we make use of a cohesive video marketing plan to maximize our potential as a firm.

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Here are five tested techniques, guaranteed to work toward helping marketers earn coveted shares, views and revenues:

Exploring the World of Instagram and Vine

While the above-mentioned social media platforms only allow little snippets to be put up, the lingering audience certainly helps popularize the same in a matter of seconds.

Nobody likes to watch boring and stretched videos as messages are best conveyed when the presentations are kept short. A platform like Vine is more of a challenge as marketers out here do need to think differently.

Instagram works on similar lines, by only allowing small videos. Some of the tested hacks used by bigger brands over Vine include clever effects, catchy music, innuendos and humor. Getting over these platforms will help minimize the competition as many firms will bail out of a video marketing strategy this precise and intricate.

Wistia Video Analytics: Length Matters Chart

Be Game for Employee Stories

The trend has finally shifted toward “Customer Experience Management”, resulting in the growing popularity of realistic videos. The concept of humanizing brands is best exploited by Behind-the-Scene videos.

However, BTS videos need to be captured in an interesting manner especially with unique editing skills in hand. Brands can take a product and incorporate the same into the life of an employee. This feels fresh and extremely relatable.

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Unboxing Videos and the Rage

Suppose there is a product in hand and we plan on selling it to a larger chunk of people. Reviews, detailed descriptions etc. are fine but an unboxing video can certainly do wonders to the chances of getting noticed.

Products that need exposure can be exhibited with these videos. Sharing the same over social platforms is easy and extremely yielding. Brand influencers are usually the preferred channels for these unboxing videos as the popular ones will surely get hold of solid traffic for your entrepreneurial goals. This is actually good for overall brand awareness provided the product is dissected and explained perfectly.

Top 3 Performing Segments in 2015 Pie charts

How-to Hacks Are Handy Enough

The Internet is a great place to learn and most viewers will flock to your channel if it has how-to videos in abundance. Product descriptions are fine but the visual usage and representation of the same get more traction. Videos help strike the perfect balance between entertainment and learning, featuring techniques like stop-motions and many more.

Many companies have dedicated apps for streaming the web-series under their brand name. Functional resources like Playbox for iOS and Windows are actually perfect when it comes to online streaming of animations, movies, Instagram posts and many more.

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Real-Time Updates, Responses and Contests

Videos are great but real-time interfacing is something classy and immensely powerful. This comprises of Q&A sessions, live events and several more offering honest, raw and unedited information. Raging examples of the same include Periscope and Facebook Live. Platforms used by several companies to showcases and launch their products in real-time.

Live snippets and presentations can be grueling as they need to be well-planned and in sync. However, once executed these can readily boost the traffic. Bigger brands are well-known for their live events as they can easily get candid with their audience, showcasing the human side of their gruesome schedule.

Do follow these five reliable hacks, and let me know how well these worked toward fulfilling your video marketing goals.

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