How Creating Ebooks Can Help Grow Your Business

For small businesses and individuals with limited resources, it becomes necessary to use unconventional tactics to grow one’s business. 

One long-term and impactful strategy that anyone can leverage is to create ebooks. 

In this post, we’ll explore how making and promoting an ebook can bring more people to your business. We’ll also check out strategies that you should adopt to make the best of this marketing method.

There are several reasons why creating an ebook helps. Let’s start by looking at how ebooks can support your marketing efforts. And then break down some important elements that go into creating an ebook that keeps bringing in more customers. 

Create an additional revenue stream

Creating an ebook allows you to share your knowledge with the world. Especially when what you know also meets a need that many people have. 

Writing an ebook is difficult but when you’ve created comprehensive material, you can publish it on multiple platforms and get a passive source of revenue. There are several platforms where you can create your ebook and sell it to the public:

  • Desktop publishing sites like Kindle

  • Community-based publishing websites

  • A landing page for your ebook on your own website

  • Traditional publishing formats

Truth be told, unless you’re a terrific writer with an awesome book idea and have the backing of experienced publishers, the chances that your ebook will directly bring in revenue are low. 

However, ebooks can be the starting point that brings more people in contact with your brand. Individuals like mentors, coaches in the health arena, and other small business types can create an audience with an ebook. We’ll look at some of these other ways to grow your business in the following sections. 

Use your ebook to drive leads

People need an incentive to subscribe to your newsletter. A helpful ebook can act as a way to reward users for signing up to get emails from your brand. 

Leverage your ebook by creating a lead magnet on your website. A lead magnet is a type of popup form where people are offered a gift that they can access by submitting their email. 

Lead magnets are often used to reengage new visitors to your website. Seventy percent of people who arrive on your site will abandon it and never return. 

Many of these visitors who leave your website are potential buyers who just need to learn a little more about your brand. Your best bet to reengage these abandoning website visitors is to offer something for free. A helpful ebook can induce your site users to join your newsletter and engage with your brand more often. 

Redirect readers to your business 

This is a powerful strategy that an individual or small company can use to introduce more people to their businesses in a subtle way.

You can insert links in your ebook that take users to a browser or resource. And when you conclude your ebook, you can talk about how your readers can find more help on your blog or website. 

Ebooks that have great content that helps people automatically make readers interested in learning more about the author. 

And there are many people who create their ebooks in a strategic way. They provide substantial information in the books themselves. And then offer additional services and information that can’t be shared in book format. 

For example, having a community around the book. Use your ebook to redirect people to your website or social media where you can further nurture your relationship with them. With time and further marketing strategies, you’ll create sales, more engagement on social media, and achieve other goals. 

Build credibility

Creating an ebook signals that you have expertise and authority in your particular field. One of the hardest things a business can do is to build trust. It’s especially challenging when you are a small business competing against larger brands that have a huge marketing budget. 

With an ebook that’s well made and informative, you can create another source of information for people. You’ll also boost your credibility and win your audience’s trust. 

Tips for creating an ebook

While we’ve looked at the benefits of creating an ebook. The reality is that it’s harder than it seems. You have to put in a large number of hours to create an ebook, perhaps up to a hundred hours. While ebooks do create strong results i.e. better readership and conversions, they aren’t guaranteed to make you an overnight success. 

According to blogging studies, ebooks give you better results when compared to “how-to” posts, articles, news reports, and other content formats. You need to know how best to leverage ebooks to create the best impact. Here are a few tips to use when building your book so that you offer great content and grow your brand at the same time. 

Find a critical problem that needs to be solved

It goes without saying that for your book to get traction, it needs to address major problems faced in a community or group. Or offer an exciting alternative to everyday issues that will ignite people’s imagination.

I’ve come across medical professionals who created books to address food and behavioral issues. They attracted their audience initially through the books. Their readers researched them, found them on their websites and social media. And from there began to join online programs and courses. A great example of an individual who leveraged a book to become a recognized marketer and blogger is Tim Ferriss. 

Have a clear purpose for your book and do your audience research, and there’s a good chance your ebook will get attention. 

Create an outline for your book

Being organized when you write will help you write faster. You’ll also make sure that you don’t miss any critical information. 

Start by jotting down the main points you plan on discussing. Create chapter outlines and what each chapter will contain. 

This is a good time to do your research, save any references you found, and think of how you want to present your information. 

Get writing

The process of writing is arduous and is something that you need to dive down and commit to. It’s important to make a schedule for writing and to stick to it rigorously. During this time, it’s important to focus on writing and not to worry about editing your content.

To overcome writer’s block and to get through the writing process, try using freewriting and time management techniques.

Edit your books

If you can, collaborate with experienced editors to help you improve your content. There are professional sites where you can submit your work and get it edited for a price. 

Another good idea is to step away from your work for some time and to come back to it with fresh eyes. 

Getting some space away from your content will help you find ways to improve. Note that editing can be the hardest part of writing an ebook. You’ll have to cut content you love or start over entire sections. 

Direct your users to your community and brand

It is important to promote your work by sharing it on different platforms. Make sure that in your content as well as through supporting material, you encourage people to reach out after reading your book. 

Add links and mention resources so that readers turn to your website, Facebook group, membership site, or some other platform to learn more. Once you turn your readers into subscribers or followers on social media,  that’s when you can nurture them with marketing content and create paying customers. 

Starting an ebook to grow your business is a well-known tactic that can help small businesses and individuals. It’s a way to create an audience in a passive format and to drive people who are interested to directly communicate with your brand. 

Do your research and consider creating an ebook to build your audience. If you leverage it correctly, you’ll have a passive way to bring in new leads. 


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