BuzzFeed’s Botatouille Chatbot Puts A.I. Twist on Food Advice

“Shifting from a sort of crumbling wave of social to a growing wave of generative A.I., to me, is an exciting transition,” said Jonah Peretti, the company’s chief executive. “And I think there’s things we could definitely learn to make sure we capture more enduring value from a technological trend.”

Though BuzzFeed is among the first media companies to experiment with artificial intelligence, many others are thinking about how to adapt to it. Executives at Bloomberg, Insider and The New York Times are all weighing the potential upside against risks to their existing businesses.

The possible pitfalls include a loss of traffic from search engines, as A.I.-powered chatbots answer search queries. And some companies that use artificial intelligence for content creation have already published error-ridden articles.

Mr. Peretti shut down BuzzFeed News last month, but in the future, he said, BuzzFeed plans to experiment with A.I to enhance its news business, which is now organized under its HuffPost brand.

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