Burnaby’s Trans Mountain Pipeline injunction rejected by B.C. court

The City of Burnaby’s application for a temporary injunction to stop Kinder Morgan cutting trees for survey work on Burnaby Mountain has been rejected by a B.C. Supreme Court Judge.

The judge in the case has not yet issued the reasons for the decision. Those could be issued next week.

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The city was seeking the temporary injunction while it prepares for an upcoming court case challenging the company’s right to cut trees in the conservation area as part of its survey work for a new route for its existing Trans Mountain Pipeline.

The company has proposed rerouting the existing pipeline by tunnelling under the mountain to reach its terminal near Burrard Inlet.

The City of Burnaby has been a staunch opponent of the Trans Mountain expansion—a $5.4-billion project to nearly triple the flow of bitumen and other oil products from Alberta along a pipeline to a terminal in Burnaby.

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