Building a Presence: Tips for Creating a Visually Enticing Trade Show Display

Trade shows create for an amazing marketing opportunity, but only if you play your cards right. When exhibiting, building a lackluster booth is not going to make anyone want to come inside. 

Seeing as 81 percent of people attending trade shows have the authority to make buying decisions, creating an enticing trade show display is extremely important.

Here are a few tips to consider if you want to create a visually appealing trade show display that will draw attendees and keep them engaged.

Cut the Clutter

Trade show space can be a huge investment. Not only do you have to pay booth rental fees, but the display itself is an expense. Average floor space is $21 per square foot at a trade show. Even if you only rent a 5×5 booth, your cost would be over $500.00.

It is tempting to make the most of your booth by filling every spare slot of space, but a cluttered display can take the focus away from the products you want to showcase. Think about the way the human eye naturally scans a booth. Stand back and survey your display from left to right and top to bottom. Make sure the eye hits on the key points of the display.

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Create a Game and Offer Prizes

Everyone loves prizes. Create a game for your display where attendees can stop and earn prizes. To make the game effective, you should tie it into your product. One idea might be a matching game where each card that is turned over offers a bit of information about your company and products.

Make Your Staff Stand Out From the Crowd

You can create the most beautiful display booth in the history of trade shows, but if your staff doesn’t know how to interact with attendees, you won’t gain much momentum. People staffing your trade show booth should be fully trained—they need to understand your company and products.

They should also be skilled at talking to people and drawing them into a conversation. Effective conversations can occur with some finesse that isn’t pushy but is engaging. Consider investing in some Dale Carnegie business courses to prepare for upcoming events.

Use Attractive Displays

Custom backlit displays create enough contrast with 2-D signage to draw visitors over. If the display is backlit with LED lights, it creates an effect almost like water coming to life. Different variations in hues or colors look brilliant, and people at trade shows will appreciate a gorgeous display.

Giveaways Aren’t Always Necessary

If you can find a freebie that ties into your product or branding in a way that makes sense and is affordable, then freebies can be a great piece of advertising. However, companies sometimes give away things that have nothing to do with the company or are not very useful.

These items tend to get tossed in the trash.

How many insulated drink holders does a person truly need? Do you really need another stress ball to add to your collection? No? Neither do your potential customers.

Offer Your Display in Miniature

Remember that attendees are seeing hundreds, or possibly thousands, of booths at the trade show. Even if your display stands out, the average person may go home and quickly forget all about your product.

If someone shows interest, you should offer them a miniature form of the information. Make sure you have brochures on hand and business cards. In addition, you should do your best to collect information from new leads, so you can follow up after the trade show and try to secure a sale.

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Showcase 360 Degree Visibility

Make sure there is signage around all sides of your booth. Touch base with the trade show organizers about specific requirements. You can often add a sign to the top of your display that will grab the eye of attendees from down the aisle.

If you get lucky enough to secure a corner booth, signage on all sides is a must. You want people to easily spot your display and recognize your brand.

Create a Demonstration

No matter what product or service you offer, create a demonstration. If you’ve ever been to a trade show, maybe you’ve seen an excellent example, such as the kitchen knives that cut through anything.

The demonstrator shows how the knife can carve through a piece of wood and then slice a tomato into razor thin pieces. Besides showcasing what the knife can do, the demonstrator is a showman. He speaks in a loud voice that attracts people and is excited about the product. He is knowledgeable and makes the exhibit interactive, inviting people to try the product themselves.

Creating a display for your next trade show doesn’t have to be stressful. Make sure the colors and styles are visually pleasing. Figure out how you can make your booth stand out. Once you do, success should come naturally—and you’ll have more visitors than you have time to talk.

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