Bright Ideas: 5 Ways To Keep Your Content Fresh This Year

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Coming up with fresh content for a website or company blog is something that plagues content managers and basically anyone trying to set up an editorial calendar.

Stale content can lead to bored readers which can lead to them not visiting a site or reading content.

Not only does content impact marketing but it can also impact brand image. Don’t let content on your company website become stale and repetitive by using the tips below.

1. Take Advantage of Holidays

Buzzfeed does a great job of doing this whether it is an article about being single during the holidays or what your favorite holiday drink says about you.

These can be old concepts but adding a holiday perspective can really spice up a topic that might’ve been covered previously.

The New Year is something that many people take advantage of when the holidays come around. Whether it is about naming your company in 2016 or resolutions that marketers should make this year the content is much easier to generate and the new year posts usually are extremely popular. The title of this article even takes advantage of the New Year.

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2. Weekly Articles

A weekly column by someone at a company can become a reader favorite especially if it is funny or interesting.

Having a staff member write this weekly article can make producing content quite easy as they can write posts requested by management, readers, or even fellow staff members.

Although not all industries appreciate a column that might have a few rants, it can be a great way to develop writers on a staff as well as establish someone as a thought leader in an industry.

3. Scope Out The Competition

Some companies have extremely different views on how to approach work or their opinions on something in their industry.

Taking a look at a competitor to see what their content looks like can help generate new ideas. While covering every topic that they do isn’t wise, getting a few ideas for articles to publish at a later date won’t hurt.

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A great example is the SEO space where businesses and individuals vary a great deal on answering the same question. If the competition writes an article, “What Can a Great SEO Agency Do For You?” the topic can be mimicked as the content will be different as many companies approach things differently.

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4. Bring Up a Hot Button Topic

Each industry has topics that people debate fiercely in comments and on social media when an article is published discussing said topic.

Even if the topic isn’t serious but interests people, then it is better to publish an article as interest breeds engagement.

For example, an entertainment website would benefit from publishing articles in their field. An article about what is going and coming on Netflix and Hulu is easy as a small blurb can be written before the list.

Then the rest is just copying and pasting and then a small conclusion. Not only does this fill the content void but it is something that can be done monthly, and to be honest, knowing what is coming out on Netflix to many people is a serious issue.

5. Ask Readers What They Would Like To See

Having readers come up with ideas for articles builds reader loyalty and possibly customer loyalty. Not only does it save a company time they would spend coming up with articles but the readers are actually getting content that they have requested.

Engagement will go up if this is done on a consistent basis as the topics covered will be of interest to readers, staff, and others in the industry. If a business is in a bind for a blog post then opening up contributor positions to readers can be done.

This should be done slowly as many people think that they have an interesting writing style, but not all writers are created equal. The readers of a site can come up with content ideas on a consistent basis and save the editorial team of a company a few hours a week.

Creating content isn’t difficult but creating engaging content on a consistent basis can be. Take advantage of the resources the company is given via readers or staff to come up with fresh content.

When engaging content is produced it can do a myriad of things including boosting customer/reader loyalty, boosting SEO scores, set a company apart as a thought leader, and so much more. Produce quality content and reap the benefits.

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