Always Be Creating: How Successful Entrepreneurs Get Inspired

One of the most important aspects of being a successful entrepreneur is creativity. Creativity inspires passion in entrepreneurs that allows them to look outside the box and look towards a future of unique possibilities that their competitor’s never even imagined.

Creativity is what inspired Apple to create a user-friendly interface on their machines, Amazon to offer free 2-day shipping and Facebook to enact the endless scroll. These unique and creative ideas are what fans first loved about these companies, and put them ahead of the competitors. Others may have adopted these ideas, but everyone remembers who did it first.

These examples show that successful entrepreneurship needs a creative ingredient, and there’s a lesson to be learned from each of these individuals. If you’re looking to be a successful entrepreneur in 2015, learn what professionals do to ignite creativity.

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They Read

You won’t find a successful entrepreneur out there who doesn’t spend some of their spare time reading. These people recognize that there is power in the written word for engaging the creative side of the brain and for sparking creative ideas.

Furthermore, they read magazines and books that aren’t involved in their specific industry. Reading is helpful, but if you only read books in your industry, most of the ideas you come up with will already be taken. But when you read topics outside your niche, you see a world of creativity you may not have thought about previously.

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They Have Quiet Time

When you’re at work or enjoying other recreational activities, it’s easy to be distracted by your surroundings.  You might think about your current business plan, what you’ll eat for lunch, why your finances aren’t in order and much more. All of that distraction makes it very difficult for the creative juices to flow. Quiet time opens a door for creativity, and it’s an important way to bring it out.

Some entrepreneurs like to meditate while others don’t, and that’s just fine. But savvy entrepreneurs recognize the value of alone time as it allows for uninterrupted thoughts. For some, this means a long walk or hike in nature, and for others it means sitting quietly in their office for 30 minutes a day, leaning back in their office chair and staring up at the ceiling. Some even enjoy quiet time while working on utterly monotonous work. It really doesn’t matter how you enjoy your quiet time each day, as long as you do it.

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They Write Things Down

Successful entrepreneurs know that when they have a creative thought that they can use in their business, they need to write it down. Putting pen to paper regarding a specific thought adds permanence so that you won’t forget.

Consider hanging a dry-erase board in your office or carrying a highly durable notebook with you at all times so you can record your thoughts when inspiration strikes. The ability to write down thoughts as they come is invaluable when it comes to creative processes. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you think the idea is ridiculous. You might immediately dismiss the idea as one that won’t work, and fail to write it down. However, that will only stifle your creativity. You never actually know if it’ll work until you’ve thought it through. Some of the craziest ideas have led to some of the best improvements in business dealings.

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Think Child-Like Thoughts

There’s a major difference between thinking childish thoughts and thinking child-like thoughts, and successful business people understand that. There’s a certain simplicity that accompanies child-like thoughts that many people need in order to spur creativity. Children are notorious for their imaginative thinking, whether or not it makes sense, and if harnessed properly, thinking like a child could be the key to releasing some of that imagination in the workplace.

This notion is also backed by science. As it turns out, a study featured on the Wall Street Journal showed that those who imagined themselves as 7-year-olds scored significantly higher on tests of deviant thinking than those who took the tests in their “adult” minds.

So the next time you find yourself needing a brilliant idea, close your eyes and become the 7-year-old you.

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They See the World

This doesn’t necessarily mean that these entrepreneurs visit every continent in the world, though it can for some. It means that they take the time to really look at the world around them. If you can travel abroad, that’s great, but if not, take a walk in your own city and look up from the sidewalk or your phone in order to truly see what’s going on.

You’ll see some amazing things in regards to what the people need, what your city needs, and how your business can make it happen. Seeing the world for its original beauty and creativity is one of the best ways to usher that creative thinking into your business processes.

Who knows? Maybe after applying some of these techniques, you’ll find yourself climbing up the corporate ladder on account of your groundbreaking ideas.

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