5 Ways to Use Testimonials for Explosive Business Growth

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Are you looking for a way to bring in new customers and skyrocket your sales? You may be surprised to learn that one of the best ways to accomplish this seemingly complicated task is by using testimonials from existing customers and businesses. 

User testimonials are useful tools that can help you grow your business. The information you get from feedback can help you make massive improvements to your website design and product selection. But you can also use the opinion of your customers to get new people interested in your company. 

The concept is called social proof. Social proof is essentially a phenomenon where people are more likely to invest in a product or service if they see other people having a positive experience with the same brand. This idea is nothing new, but it has ballooned since the boom of the digital landscape. 

If you want to make the most of customer testimonials, we are going to show you how. Let’s explore five smart ways you can use customer testimonials for explosive business growth. 

Highlight products with customer reviews

The most common way to leverage user feedback as a marketing strategy is to add it to your product pages. E-commerce storefronts often allow reviews on individual products because customers are willing to spend 31% more if they have good reviews.

We have some good news if you don’t have an e-commerce storefront. SaaS businesses and similar industries can benefit from this tip in a slightly different way. 

When you create a sales page for your latest product, consider grabbing some positive reviews and using them sparingly throughout the review. Adding experiences from real users will result in more people taking an interest in your service. 

Imagine looking at a new software site but not seeing a single review on the sales page. You would likely try to track down some reviews, right? What ends up happening in this situation is the user leaves your website, which means there’s a chance they might not make it back to your website to complete their order. 

Adding testimonials directly to your sales page ensures that first-time visitors can see your product’s benefits in your own words and through the eyes of existing customers. 

Show that other big brands trust you

It’s also possible to build social proof on your website by showing that other brands in your industry trust your company. Trust seals are standard on payment pages, but adding a testimonial from a reputable community member is a great way to build social proof without an official seal. 

People see endorsements from big brands as a sign of approval, so adding this type of feedback to your site is crucial for engagement and sales. When consumers see a glowing review from a trusted source, that’s social proof in action. The view on this interaction is almost identical to a recommendation from a friend. 

Think about the last time you bought a product because you saw that someone else that you trust endorsed the product. It happens to all of us, and that’s proof enough that strategy works. 

You can choose to add these high-profile testimonials to any area of your website. If you want to entice as many first-time visitors as possible, we recommend including these reviews on your homepage and other key landing pages. 

Promote success stories through content

Your social media and website content are also excellent places to use testimonials. Each section has its own set of benefits, so let’s start with your blog. 

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There’s a good chance that most people who make it to your website look at your recent posts. While you can’t exactly post articles that consist of pages of reviews, there are other ways to get essential customer feedback directly into your content. 

We are talking about case studies. If your product or service offers a specific benefit, look for success stories you can write about on your blog. Get in touch with the people that compliment your product and explain how it helped. Ask if they are interested in getting featured in a case study. 

You can now win visitors over by giving them an in-depth look at how your service improved an existing customer’s life. You can include key points that they made when explaining how your product helped. But the key is to focus on how your product helped them find success. 

You can grow your social media channels by sharing positive reviews and mentions on social media. Customers report spending 20% to 40% more money on businesses that interact with them on social media. Sharing a positive review and adding a thank you message is a great way to build social proof by using testimonials. 

If you’re running paid ads, you can create campaigns that highlight specific reviews throughout the promotion. A staggering 130 million people tap shopping posts on Instagram each month, so you can bet that people will click through on your advertising if you use compelling testimonials in your copy. 

Partner with influencers

While we are on the topic of social media, let’s talk about influencers. Social influencers are internet personalities that create content for their target audience. In many cases, these people also review products and record sponsored videos. 

If you want to see explosive business growth, connect with influencers with a target audience that’s similar to your own. Offer them your product or service for free if they are interested in a sponsored video, and allow them to write an honest review or make a video. 

As long as your audiences line up, you’ll see plenty of growth as a result of gathering influencer reviews. The community behind these personalities trust the folks to deliver honest content. If they give your product a positive and fair review, you’ll get the benefit of a widespread testimonial to countless people across social media. 

The price point for an influencer review depends on your business’s size and the size of the community of the influencer you hope to work with. Take some time to understand the average price for influencers across all platforms before you start making deals. 

Optimize your checkout page 

The last thing we are going to talk about today is your checkout page. A large percentage of consumers will make it to your checkout page, but a shocking 68% will abandon their cart. There are ways you can get these customers to come back after they leave, such as with retargeting. 

But there’s a way you can get more sales without these people ever leaving your website. Save your best reviews for last and include them on the sidebar of your checkout page. We’ve all had that feeling of doubt when getting ready to complete an order, especially if we are talking about a high-ticket item. 

You can calm those feelings of doubt by showing reputable testimonials to users going through the payment process. Now, if someone is getting ready to click away, they can read real stories that explain what they could be missing out on if they don’t take complete their order. 

Testimonials are vital for businesses across all industries. It may take some time and patience to get the most value from these handy marketing tools, but it will all pay off. Take your time and include testimonials throughout various pages on your website and on social media. 

Measure your results and make tweaks so that your reviews are visible but not clogging up too much of the main content throughout your website. Before long, you’ll have a site that’s getting more engagement, sales, and subscriptions through the power of online reviews. 


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