It’s Not Just You: Many People Confront Health Insurance Obstacles on Care and Bills

The News A majority of Americans with health insurance said they had encountered obstacles to coverage, including denied medical care, higher bills and a dearth of doctors in their plans, according to a new survey from KFF, a nonprofit health [...]

How a Toilet Plunger Improved CPR

“It is dismal,” said Dr. Keith Lurie, a cardiologist at the University of Minnesota Medical School who treated the plunger patient in 1988. The new procedure, known as neuroprotective CPR, has three components. First, a silicone plunger [...]

New Obesity Drugs Come With a Side Effect of Shaming

But like others at the clinic, she still struggles with the fear others will judge her for receiving injections to treat her obesity rather than finding the willpower to lose weight and keep it off. Yet the drug, she said, “changed my life.” Wegovy [...]

Obamacare Mandate for Preventive Care Is Restored, for Now

The appellate court, which is expected to rule on the preventive care mandate’s constitutionality later this year, still has to approve the lawyers’ agreement. Health policy experts describe the mandate as one of the most transformative [...]

Doctors Are Using ChatGPT to Improve How They Talk to Patients

Still, those who have tried ChatGPT say the only way for doctors to decide how comfortable they would feel about handing over tasks — such as cultivating an empathetic approach or chart reading — is to ask it some questions themselves. “You’d [...]

Does Noise Affect Your Life? We Want to Know.

Noise affects everybody differently. Some city dwellers feel as if they’ve habituated to the commotion — until they try to fall asleep in the countryside, to the chorus of crickets. Other people live in rural communities that, once quiet, [...]

Are You Exposed to Too Much Noise? Here’s How to Check.

As a general rule of thumb, the World Health Organization considers average road traffic noise levels above 53 decibels and average aircraft noise levels above 45 dB to be associated with adverse health outcomes, though their metrics are weighted [...]

Allina Health Pauses Policy of Cutting Off Care for Patients in Debt

Dr. Matt Hoffman, an Allina primary care physician in Vadnais Heights, Minn., said he was encouraged by the change and hopeful that Allina would eventually make more significant reforms to how it treats indebted patients. “I hope this is [...]

Hospice Is a Profitable Business, but Nonprofits Mostly Do a Better Job

Barbara Reiss discovered that in 2017, when her 85-year-old mother was dying of cancer at her home in River Ridge, La. A for-profit hospice proved “very responsive to us,” she said, even when the family called for advice at 2 a.m. The [...]

Britain Limits Use of Puberty-Blocking Drugs to Research Only

After conducting evidence reviews, Finland has begun limiting who can access gender-related treatments and Sweden has restricted the use of puberty blockers and hormones to clinical trials. A Norwegian health body and the French National Academy [...]