Coronavirus antibodies tests 'put public at risk'

Image copyright Getty Images Poor regulation of antibodies tests – that could indicate if someone has had coronavirus – could be putting the public at risk, doctors have warned. The [...]

Leicester lockdown: Beauty salons and nail bars to reopen

Image copyright PA Media Image caption The lockdown in Leicester was announced on 29 June Beauty salons and nail bars are among [...]

Coronavirus: Test, trace and the curse of the 0300 phone number

Image copyright Getty Images The system for tracking down people who may be infected with coronavirus changed this week in England, with a central pool of contact tracers, who rely on phone [...]

Coronavirus: How will the world vaccinate seven billion?

Image copyright Reuters Teams across the world are working to develop a vaccine that will be effective against Covid-19. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called it “the most urgent shared [...]

Coronavirus: What are the risks of opening schools?

Image copyright Getty Images The current plan is to have most children back in school across the UK by September. But, with winter and fears of a resurgence of the virus approaching, what [...]

Coronavirus: Asymptomatic cases 'carry same amount of virus'

Image copyright Getty Images People with symptomless Covid-19 can carry as much of the virus as those with symptoms, a South Korean study has suggested. South Korea was able to identify and [...]

Coronavirus: How does test-and-trace work?

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Coronavirus: Shielding ends for two million in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Image copyright PA Media More than two million people shielding against coronavirus in most of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland can now leave their home and return to work. Vulnerable [...]

Coronavirus: Virus isolation period 'to go up from seven to 10 days'

Image copyright Getty Images The length of time people with coronavirus symptoms will have to self-isolate for is expected to be increased from seven to 10 days in England. It comes as ministers [...]

Obesity: Unhealthy 'buy one get one free' deals targeted

Image copyright Getty Images “Buy one get one free” deals on unhealthy food will be banned as part of the government’s bid to tackle obesity in England. The plan also includes [...]