Americans are the world’s most frequent fliers


Planes wait to depart from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, one of the country’s busiest airports. (AP File Photo)

When it comes to racking up airline miles, Americans have definitely earned platinum frequent flier status.

According to data published by The World Bank, almost a third of the world’s 36 million flights in 2014 took off from U.S. soil. China, Canada, the U.K., and Brazil round out the top five but with over 9.5 million commercial flights, the U.S. has nearly triple the take offs of second place finisher China with 3.3 million.

Though the U.S. accounts for a significant portion of the approximately 100,000 global flights a day,countries like Brazil and India have also increased flight volume at rapid rates over the past decade. In 2004, Brazil had just 486,025 departures in 2004 and India just 231,413, but they now have 937,437 and 720,050 respectively, according to World Bank data.

And in just 30 years, the number of flights in China has ballooned, from just 102,000 departures in 1985 to well over 3 million last year.

But if the crowded cabins and flight delays are getting you down, consider a trip to Chad. The North African country had the lowest number of recorded flights in 2014 with just 75.

Want to know where these flights originate from?  Here’s another stat to chew on. 

Earlier this year, Chicago O’Hare reclaimed the title of America’s busiest airport from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The bustling Windy City skyway had 881,933 arrivals and departures in 2014.

Top 10 frequent fliers in the world, 2014

1. USA – 9,553,214 flights

2. China – 3,356,756

3. Canada -1,290,420

4. UK – 1,069,420

5. Brazil – 937,437

6. Japan – 927,437

7. Germany – 913,156

8. Russia – 747,804

9. Turkey – 723,207

10. India -720,050

Source: The World Bank

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