Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine Takes the Next Step in Its Hard-Fought Counteroffensive

Others on board were Wagner associates, and three were the flight’s crew: two pilots and a flight attendant. Here’s what The Times has learned about them. Valeriy Chekalov Wagner’s logistics chief, Mr. Chekalov, 47, oversaw many of Mr. [...]

South Africa Fire: Fire in Johannesburg Kills at Least 74 People, Including a Dozen Children

The disaster came as no surprise to residents, housing advocates or officials of a city that has more than 600 derelict, illegally occupied structures — all but about 30 of them privately owned — according to Mgcini Tshwaku, a city councilman [...]

Why the Johannesburg Apartment Building Was a Firetrap

Early flames were spotted in the building’s courtyard

An Obsolete German Tank Seeks a Second Life on Ukraine’s Front Lines

Germany, which is the second biggest donor of direct military aid to Ukraine, has trained 6,300 of the 10,000 Ukrainian troops it plans to train this year. The courses include infantry, sharpshooting, artillery and operating the various major [...]

China’s Disinformation Fuels Anger Over Fukushima Water Release

In tests taken by several Japanese government agencies and Tepco, the water released starting last week contained scant amounts of tritium, far below the standard set by the World Health Organization. There is more tritium in water being discharged [...]

4 Days, 690 Miles, Countless Stalls: Behold the ‘World’s Longest Yard Sale’

When we drove into Tennessee, it was all blue fog, green leaves and black stone rivers. The roads switch-backed up mountains, a collar of trees protecting motorists from the fact of their ascension till the sky suddenly split open onto a vista. [...]

Tripped Up: A Traveler Says Her Insurance Wouldn’t Pay Up

Dear Tripped Up, I’m a 68-year-old solo traveler who was on a tour of Sicily in June 2022, when I fell getting off a bus, breaking multiple ribs, vertebrae and a pelvic bone. I had purchased the RoundTrip Choice plan from Seven Corners Travel [...]

In the Faroe Islands, Art, Food and Fashion Take a Cue From Nature

Coastal Tórshavn — one of the world’s smallest capitals — is itself a nexus of creativity, embracing the contemporary without losing its connection to the past. The old quarter, populated by centuries-old turf-roofed houses, covers [...]

How to Plan Your First Camping Trip

“My advice for a first-time camper is take small steps,” said Alyssa Ravasio, the founder and chief executive of Hipcamp, which lists campsites on private land such as farms and ranches. “Try a night or two. Go somewhere closer to home. [...]

Price of Japan Rail Pass to Increase

Indeed, one common rule of thumb for the seven-day pass is that it essentially pays for itself after a single Tokyo-Kyoto round trip. For motivated travelers, a pass can mean savings in the thousands of dollars. What’s changing In April, [...]