Picasso painting damaged by London gallery visitor, officials say

A 20-year-old man is charged with damaging a Picasso painting at London‘s Tate Modern gallery, police said Tuesday. Shakeel Ryan Massey reportedly ripped the 1944 “Bust of a Woman” oil painting on Saturday. He is charged [...]

Brand Reputation: How to Protect Your No. 1 Asset

According to research, 45% of business owners aren’t happy with their online presence. Unfortunately, most of those who feel this way don’t know how to deal with the fallout from a public customer dispute or the actions of a [...]

England allows civil partnerships for heterosexual couples

England and Wales have taken the unprecedented step of allowing heterosexual couples to opt-out of traditional marriages and choose a civil partnership. The change, mandated by Britain’s Supreme Court last year, took effect Tuesday. [...]

Shark attack in Seychelles leaves tourist with serious arm injuries

A tourist from France was seriously injured after being attacked by a shark Saturday night while swimming in Seychelles, a popular tourist destination in the Indian Ocean off East Africa. The shark attack happened at Amitié Beach in Praslin, [...]

Kim Jong Un says North Korea needs to take 'offensive measures' to protect country's security

Kim Jong Un has told party leaders in a long speech that North Korea needs to take “positive and offensive measures” to protect the country’s security, according to reports. The North Korean dictator issued the call during a seven-hour [...]

Skomer Island managers seek 'fit and hardy' staff

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Skomer Island is home to about half of the world’s population of Manx shearwaters [...]

US Embassy compound in Baghdad under siege as crowds protesting airstrikes break through gate

Crowds of angry Iraqis protesting America’s recent airstrikes against an Iran-backed militia laid siege to the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad Tuesday, chanting “Down, Down USA!” as they stormed through a main gate and prompting U.S. [...]

How the US-China trade war has changed the world

How the US-China trade war has changed the world – BBC News ‘); } })(); /*]]>*/’); } })(); /*]]>*/’); } else document.write(”); } })(); /*]]>*/’); document.write(‘‘); document.write(‘‘); [...]

National living wage to rise by 6.2% in April

Image copyright Getty Images The national living wage is to rise by 6.2% in what the government says is “the biggest cash increase ever”. The rise is more than four times the rate [...]

Why and How to Create Video Content to Help Your Business

Research shows 76% of marketers claim that video produces more conversions than any other content. The four basic types of video marketing for social media are controversial, educational, entertaining and live video content. Entertaining [...]