Trump 'signs off' on deal to pause US-China trade war

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Asian stock markets rose on Friday as the US and China moved close to signing a trade deal to avert a new round of tariffs. The deal could be announced later [...]

German army reintroduces military rabbis after more than 100 years

The German army will reintroduce military rabbis as religious counselors to Jewish members serving in the armed forces after more than 100 years without such assistance, the government said Wednesday. The decision by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s [...]

Chile finds human remains, military plane that disappeared on way to Antarctica: defense minister

Authorities in Chile searching for a military transport plane that vanished earlier this week while en route to Antarctica made a grim announcement Thursday, revealing they located the aircraft and human remains. The C-130 Hercules [...]

How the snow globe became a million dollar idea

How the snow globe became a million dollar idea – BBC News ‘); } })(); /*]]>*/’); } })(); /*]]>*/’); } else document.write(”); } })(); /*]]>*/’); document.write(‘‘); document.write(‘‘); [...]

British general election 2019: live updates

Britons voted Thursday to elect their next government. Source link

New Zealand mission to recover bodies from 'highly volatile' volcano island gets underway

A daring mission to retrieve the bodies of eight victims of the New Zealand volcano eruption got underway early Friday, even though scientists said they believe there is a risk for another eruption. New Zealand police said the recovery [...]

UK election voters bring dogs to polling stations

Thursday is election day in the United Kingdom — and constituents were making sure their furry four-legged friends get in on the action. Using the trending Twitter hashtag “#dogsatpollingstations,” voters were showing up [...]

5 E-Commerce Trends You Should Expect in 2020

Entrepreneurs can start an e-commerce website for less than $500, resulting in more online storefronts than ever before.  Marketers are discovering new ways to repurpose their written content and finding exciting ways to curate new content.  67% [...]

Mexico’s painting of naked revolutionary hero wearing high heels sparks anger, protests

A controversial painting depicting Mexican Revolution hero Emiliano Zapata naked except for a pink hat and high heels has sparked protests and a fight in Mexico City, where the work is part of a museum exhibit. The painting shows Zapata [...]

UK's Johnson, Corbyn cast votes as nation decides which party will resolve Brexit impasse

LONDON — U.K. voters were deciding Thursday who they want to resolve the stalemate over Brexit in a parliamentary election seen as one of the most important since the end of World War II. Voting was underway across the country in a contest [...]