Dutch police arrest homeless man as suspect in Hague stabbings

Dutch police have arrested a homeless man and brought him in for questioning, suspecting that he was behind the stabbing of three teens in The Hague, Netherlands, during Black Friday shopping. Dutch police haven’t released the [...]

Battersea Bridge whale found motionless on shore

Image copyright Clio Georgiadis Image caption The mammal was found motionless on the river banks under Battersea Bridge A dead [...]

Hong Kong protesters carry Trump's 'Rocky' photo in Thanksgiving rally

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong expressed thanks for President Trump on Thursday, holding up a picture of him as the fictional boxer Rocky Balboa. The “Thanksgiving Rally” included people wearing the American flag and [...]

Berlin zoo releases adorable new pictures of panda twin cubs

Berlin’s main zoo has released new photos of twin panda cubs born this summer, saying the two are developing well. The zoo said Thursday that the two cubs each now weigh about 11 pounds — quite an increase from their 6.56 ounce and [...]

The Best Decision Makers in the Company Aren’t Who You’d Expect

Many of the decisions made in your business are going to be wrong, regardless of who makes them or how long they cogitate before they do so. Nobody gets it right all the time and we all learn from our mistakes. That is because, in many organizations, [...]

Narwhal tusk-wielding chef helped subdue London Bridge attacker

The hero bystanders who subdued the London Bridge knife attacker included a chef who fought off the jihadist with an ornamental 5-foot narwhal tusk and another who brandished a fire extinguisher. British media identified the chef as Lukasz, [...]

Manchester Arena attack: Survivor Martin Hibbert defies diagnosis

Image copyright Family handout Image caption Martin Hibbert was able to kiss his wife for the first time stood up following treatment in Australia [...]

The impact of designating Mexican cartels a 'foreign terrorist organization'

President Trump has said efforts to designate Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) are moving ahead – prompting both praise and criticism. But what impact would such a title have, and would it work in dismantling such [...]

5 Ways AI Improves Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in mastering customer service.  By 2020, chatbot use in enterprises could hit an all-time high of 80%.   Consumers expect fast response times, personalized offers and individual attention.  Data [...]

New sales director for Amilla Fushi Maldives

Amilla Fushi Maldives has welcomed the appointment of Nasrulla Adam as the resort’s new director of sales. Nasru, as he is known to colleagues, will oversee all sales operations and implement key growth strategies, tactics and action [...]