Fiji police find 5 dead family members near crying baby, quiz 'witch doctor'

Fiji police were investigating after a crying baby and the bodies of five family members were found this week on the side of a cliff. The victims may have been poisoned, said police. A man who police say is a “witch doctor” and [...]

Could AI Help Managers Predict Personnel Conflicts Before a Hire?

It admittedly sounds a little like Big Brother, that a robot can tell significant things about your personality, merely by looking into your eyes. And not all that deeply, mind you. It seems absurd. Yet, that is the hiring territory that [...]

China deploys fresh troops to Hong Kong

China’s military deployed fresh troops to Hong Kong on Thursday in what it called a routine rotation amid speculation that it might intervene in the city’s pro-democracy protests. Video broadcast on China Central Television showed [...]

The week in pictures, Aug. 24 – Aug. 30

Here’s a selection of the most amazing images captured around the world in the past seven days. Enjoy! Source link

'Costs soar at hotel of mum and dad'

Image copyright Bethany Osborne Image caption Bethany Osborne moved back in to her parents’ house with her children Oliver, 1, and Evelyn, 5, last Christmas [...]

HRT: Breast cancer risk won't put me off using menopause treatment

HRT: Breast cancer risk won’t put me off using menopause treatment – BBC News ‘); } })(); /*]]>*/’); } })(); /*]]>*/’); } else document.write(”); } })(); /*]]>*/’); document.write(‘‘); [...]

US cyberattack brought down Iranian database used to target ships in Persian Gulf: reports

U.S. uses cyber warfare tactic to avenge Iran’s attack on drone Iran’s database used to monitor traffic in the Persian Gulf isn’t working as well after a U.S. cyber attack. The Pentagon has not publicly acknowledged the U.S. Cyber [...]

Has President Trump's trade war cost China three million jobs?

Claim: President Trump says three million jobs have been lost in China as a consequence of the trade war with the United States. Verdict: While estimates for China’s employment vary widely, they do not generally [...]

Why Backlinks Still Matter in 2019

Getting noticed in a competitive online industry is getting more and more difficult with Google changing the script on organic ranking almost daily. That’s not all that surprising. Google wants to serve only the best results to the searcher. [...]

Hong Kong police arrest at least 3 pro-democracy activists

At least two well-known pro-democracy activists and an associate have been arrested in Hong Kong as police respond to recent demonstrations against China. Activist Joshua Wong was arrested Friday morning while walking to a subway station, [...]