‘Healing’ detected in Antarctic ozone hole

Image copyright SPL Image caption The researchers believe that healing of the ozone hole has begun in the stratosphere above Antarctica [...]

Call to assure status of EU scientists in UK post-Brexit

Image copyright Eric O’Neill Image caption A multinational group of cancer researchers at Oxford University uncertain about their future. [...]

Climate change: UK backs world-leading climate target

Image copyright PA The UK government has set a world-leading climate change target up to the early 2030s. The Fifth Carbon Budget will cut carbon emissions by 57% by 2032 – that’s [...]

Rosetta comet probe given termination date

Image copyright ESA Image caption The Rosetta spacecraft arrived at the comet in August 2014 The Rosetta probe will be crash-landed [...]

6 Worst Personal Branding Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Personal branding is one of the most vital aspects of marketing in today’s times. So much that research points out that only a mere 33 percent of folks have confidence in faceless brands. So what does that mean to you? Just like any [...]

Mobile and Millennials: 2016 Marketing Trends and How They Affect Your Strategy

Each year entrepreneurs, marketers, business owners, and more anxiously await the release of the Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report. And while the 2016 report shows that our global economic growth has slowed and that garnering new [...]

5 Rock-Star CEO Mission Statements (And Why You Should Have One Too)

Companies have been using mission statements for a long time. It’s a strategy that helps them find identity and purpose. For Coca-Cola, it’s “To refresh the world. To create value and make a difference. To inspire moments of happiness [...]

EU Trade Commissioner: No trade talks until full Brexit

Media caption“First you exit then you negotiate”: Cecilia Malmstrom The European Union’s top trade official says the UK cannot begin negotiating terms for doing business with the bloc until after it has left. “First [...]

Pound falls as Bank of England hints at fresh stimulus measures

Image copyright EPA The pound has fallen by more than 1% after Bank of England governor Mark Carney hinted at fresh economic stimulus measures. He said it was likely “some monetary policy [...]

Markets shift after Carney speech

Image copyright AFP UK shares have risen and the pound has fallen after Bank of England governor Mark Carney hinted at fresh stimulus measures after the Brexit vote. The FTSE 100 index closed [...]