3 men arrested in killing of Venezuela opposition leader ahead of key elections

CARACAS, Venezuela –  Venezuelan officials have arrested three men in connection with the assassination of an opposition leader. Luis Diaz was killed last week while campaigning against the government ahead of hotly contested Dec. 6 congressional [...]

UN chief recommends a stepped-up UN presence in conflict-torn Burundi to promote dialogue

UNITED NATIONS –  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is recommending that the Security Council authorize a stepped-up U.N. presence in violence-wracked Burundi but has stopped short of calling for a full-fledged U.N. peacekeeping operation. In [...]

Climate talks: What’s happened and what’s next

LE BOURGET, France –  An unprecedented number of world leaders joined together Monday to give a boost to difficult, years-long efforts to fight climate change collectively. The sweeping speeches and flurry of diplomatic meetings were just [...]

WATCH: Cars Appear to Levitate Off the Ground in China

Video out of Xingtai, China showed what appears to be several vehicles levitating. The cars hover in the air near an intersection. Reports say the cars were lifted by a fallen electrical wire or steel cable that got caught up in a passing [...]

Mexico confirms burned-out van belonged to missing Australians

MEXICO CITY –  Prosecutors in the northern Mexico state of Sinaloa said Monday that the burned-out vehicle found with two charred bodies inside was registered in the name of one of two missing Australians. Sinaloa state Attorney General [...]

World’s tallest tower gets $1.2B to complete construction

The Kingdom Tower will stand 3,280-feet tall. The Burj Khalifa, by comparison, stands at 2,716 feet. New York City’s Freedom Tower, currently the fifth tallest in the world, is dwarf-like at 1,792 feet. (Jeddah Economic Company) Dubai’s [...]

Meet Spencer-Amsterdam airport’s robot assistant to help lost travelers

Spencer the robot helps airline passengers navigate through busy terminals. (Courtesy LASS Laboratoire, Örebro Universitet) Amsterdam’s Schipol airport is taking a futuristic approach to help frantic holiday travelers navigate [...]

Advertising Doomsday: Will iOS 9 Ad Blockers Hurt Your Business?

This summer, Internet users let out a collective groan when Apple released their latest mobile operating system. The new iOS 9 gives users the ability to block web ads in the Safari browser. Though ad blockers aim to give users [...]

Looking to Jumpstart Your Career In PR? Things to Consider and Tips for Breaking In

Recently graduated?  Need advice on breaking into the exciting world of public relations? Before jumping into the job search, you must take into consideration what PR employers are really looking for in a star hire. Below is [...]

Indian economic growth picks up to 7.4%

Image copyright Getty Images India’s economy grew at an annual rate of 7.4% between July and September, official figures show, picking up from the 7% rate of growth in the previous quarter. Higher [...]