To ERP or Not to ERP: Should SMB’s Invest In Enterprise Resource Planning?

“To ERP or not to ERP?” That is the question many business leaders ask themselves. Acquiring an ERP system is one of the biggest investments a business can make, yet many small and young businesses claim they are ‘too small’ [...]

Trust the Process: 10 Tips To Empower And Encourage Your Staff

As management, your employees trust you to make decisions that will positively impact them, but likewise, it is important that employees feel empowered to also make those important business decisions. The feeling of importance and trust [...]

Developing an Effective and Engaging Content Marketing Plan

How important is it for businesses today to have an actionable content creation strategy? Well, when you consider that the Internet currently has 4.8 billion web pages, and well over 900,000 websites actively pumping out content, then [...]

Science leaders make investment case

Image copyright Science Photo Library Leaders of the UK’s science community have made a robust pitch to have the nation’s research budget raised. Royal Society President Sir Paul [...]

How tiny killer flies pounce on prey

Neuroscientists have recorded the first video footage of a tiny killer fly catching its prey in mid-air. They were investigating how the 4mm-long insect decides when to pounce. Apparently the flies are not much good at judging the size of [...]

Rare-tree success for UK scientists

Image copyright Bedgebury Pinetum Image caption The seedlings are the first Betula chichibuensis seeds to be germinated by scientists in three decades [...]

Martian streaks ‘painted by water’

Scientists think they can now tie dark streaks seen on the surface of Mars to periodic flows of liquid water. Data from a Nasa satellite shows the features, which appear on slopes, to be associated with salt deposits. Crucially, such salts [...]

Rosetta’s comet was once two objects

Image copyright ESA/ROSETTA/NAVCAM Image caption The new report answers one of the big questions of the Rosetta mission The rubber [...]

New Zealand declares new ocean reserve

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The waters surrounding New Zealand are rich with marine biodiversity, including sea lions, dolphins and turtles [...]

India cuts rates by more than expected

Image copyright AFP Image caption RBI governor Raghuram Rajan said India’s recovery was “far from robust” India’s [...]