Jets fans create website with effort to fire John Idzik

Robert Sabo/New York Daily News Jets fans are getting creative in voicing their displeasure with GM John Idzik. John Idzik has been the Jets GM for less than two years and the fans are already fed up. Coming [...]

Eric Decker’s wife, Jessie James Decker, rips Jets fans on Twitter

Judge denies request to move site of Aaron Hernandez murder trial

Support the marathoner in your life with these tips from the pros

Todd Maisel, New York Daily News/New York Daily News The TCS New York City Marathon descends upon the five boroughs Nov. 2. Running is hard enough, but running a marathon is the Mount Olympus of athletic feats. If you have [...]

Jerry Jones says he went to ‘inspire’ Cowboys on sideline

NASA’s Orion spacecraft could make ‘Interstellar’ a reality

Christopher Nolan’s epic movie “Interstellar” is set to open next week…but already NASA’s Orion spacecraft is well on its way to making this sort of space exploration beyond the Moon a reality. In the movie, a group [...]

Scientists hit ‘jackpot’ with new ‘cryptic’ species of frog

This undated photo provided by UCLA shows a new species of leopard frog in the Staten Island borough of New York. (AP Photo/UCLA, Brian Curry) A few years ago, researcher Jeremy Feinberg was looking into why the New York City area’s [...]

Parents of 43 missing Mexico students meet with president

Oct. 29, 2014: Flowers, candles, and dolls representing the Baby Jesus decorate an altar commemorating 43 missing students (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell) Local artist Florencio Sandoval paints a portrait of missing [...]

Brazil police find 5 bodies inside car in Rio de Janeiro slum , 1 was headless

New UN envoy on Syria briefs Security Council after visits to Assad allies, other key players