Meerkats kill their children in order to survive, new study shows

Three baby Meerkats cuddle up to their mother.Reuters They might look cute but don’t be deceived by their furry, little faces, these are cold-blooded killers. A group of British scientists followed 12 groups of meerkats in the [...]

Newfound alien planet has longest year known for transiting world

The Uranus-sized exoplanet Kepler-421b appears in this artist’s illustration. The exoplanet orbits an orange, type K star, lying roughly 1,000 light-years from Earth.David A. Aguilar (CfA) A newfound alien planet is one for [...]

NASA spacecraft just one year away from Pluto

An artist’s concept of the New Horizon’s spacecraft with Pluto and three of its five moons.Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute (JHUAPL/SwRI) Less than a year from now, NASA’s [...]

Elephants can outsniff rats and dogs

African elephants more olfactory receptors than rats and humans do, and more than any other animal studied to date.Karl Tate/Live Science Elephants are known for their impressively long trunks, but perhaps less well known is the [...]

Norberto Odebrecht, founder of Brazil’s largest construction company, dies at 93

RIO DE JANEIRO –  Norberto Odebrecht, the founder of Brazil’s top construction company, has died of heart problems at the age of 93. Odebrecht started the company in 1944 in the city of Salvador to carry on his father’s legacy [...]

3 killed as Libyan militias fight over airport

July 13, 2014: In this image made from video by The Associated Press, smoke rises from the direction of Tripoli airport in Tripoli, Libya. (AP) CAIRO –  Rival Libyan militias battled for control the capital’s international [...]

Death toll rises to 22 in Egypt border post attack

CAIRO –  The death toll from a brazen attack on a border post in Egypt’s western desert along the border with Libya has risen to 22 troops, including three officers, the military said Sunday. The attack on Saturday was deadliest suffered [...]

Israel expands Gaza offensive after two soldiers killed by Hamas

  Israel’s army expanded its operations in the Gaza Strip Sunday, one day after bulldozers uncovered and demolished 34 shafts and about a dozen tunnels that officials say could have been used to carry out attacks, while [...]

European leaders warn Russia to force separatists to free up crash zone or face EU ire

PARIS –  The leaders of France, Germany and Britain are telling Russia’s Vladimir Putin to ensure that separatists in Ukraine give full access to investigators at the Malaysian plane crash site or risk the ire of Europe. French President [...]

Money Manners: Heed wife’s advice, don’t lend money to ex

Q My ex has asked to borrow $1,500. “Amanda” and I were divorced 10 years ago (no kids), but we’ve remained friendly, and I’d like [...]