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2. Barcelona: $3.2 billion

That’s right, another football team. Er, make that another soccer team. Barca, who have an incredible number of fans on the Internet and players who are famous enough to go by single names, a la Prince, (check them out in the YouTube video below), have leveraged their continued success in La Liga, the highest level of Spanish football in the same way that the English Premier League is the highest level of English play, has seen them resist relegation (aka being moved down from one league to another) while accumulating vast quantities of fans from all over the globe.

1. Real Madrid: $3.4 billion

That’s right: The three most valuable sports organizations in the world are all soccer teams. Real Madrid, the most massive of the lot, has been the Spanish capital city’s football club since the turn of the 20th century, and it generates the most revenue out of any sports team in the world. Real Madrid pulled in more than $670 million in 2013, a number that far outstripped their $175 million operating costs. They are, as to be expected, perennially successful.

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