10 Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World – Wall St. Cheat Sheet

8. Washington Redskins: $1.7 billion

No wonder Dan Snyder’s in no hurry to change the team’s name, even at the behest of half the Senate. As the second most valuable football team in the NFL, the Redskins should probably just buy their own personal money printer. Situated in Washington, D.C., the franchise’s worth has accumulated in spite of the fact that the team has largely been horrible over the last 20 years. That’s a fact that looks unlikely to change after potential franchise savior Robert Griffin III, who cost the Washington football team a king’s ransom in assets,  spent all of last year looking like a shell of himself after blowing out his knee in 2012.

7. New England Patriots: $1.8 billion

The Patriots, in addition to holding sway over New England, have been perennial Super Bowl contenders for the last decade, and nothing brings out the dollars like continued success. Since the NFL is all but immune to losing money (which is why the league can afford to keep professional sports teams in places like Green Bay), the Patriots don’t look likely to move very far from this list. Even if they haven’t actually won anything since Spygate. Sorry, but it’s true.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers: $2 billion

As for the Dodgers, well, they’re the home team for one of the biggest cities in the United States, and even with baseball’s appeal holding even, to put it charitably, the team is still worth a metric ton of money. The Dodgers are looking to make it past the NLCS for the first time since 1988, when they last won a World Series. They are also, famously, owned in part by Magic Johnson, a member of one of the prospective ownership groups vying to buy the Los Angeles Clippers.

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