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10. Boston Red Sox: $1.5 billion

The most lucrative underdogs in all of professional sports, the Boston Red Sox — despite their outward appearance as “that team that’s not the evil empire, those big-spending, money-grubbing Yankees” — are not exactly paupers themselves. After three World Series wins in the last decade, they’ve been more successful than the other half of the most famous American rivalry in sports, and the Red Sox have spent almost as much money (there isn’t a single look at team expenses that doesn’t have them hot on the heels of Steinbrenner’s crew). Despite their appeal to blue-collar modesty, the Red Sox remain one of the most valuable sports franchises on the planet.

9. New York Giants: $1.55 billion

Along with the Red Sox, the Giants look positively victorious — that says a lot, since the New York squad has been just as representative of “nobody believes in us” as their Boston corollaries on their way to becoming NFL champions three times since 1990. But the Giants are New York’s team, along with the Jets (sort of), even if they both play their games in New Jersey. The Giants, though, are significantly more successful than their counterparts, and the self-proclaimed team for “metropolitan New York” has an overall net worth that reflects their place as the football face of one of the media capitals of the world.

The Giants are not the only football team (American football) on this list, by the way — not by a long shot. They are, however, the only team on this list that features Eli Manning, and the highs and the lows that come with that Manning sibling are impressive in the breadth of their scope: Super Bowls run hand in hand with historically awful seasons. Perhaps no team so consistently showcases the extreme ends of sports fandom in surreal victory and crushing defeat as the New York Giants.

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