10 Great Last-Minute Gifts for the Entrepreneur on Your List

The holidays are just around the corner, and that means it’s gift-giving season for friends and loved ones. 

If there’s an entrepreneur on your list, chances are they’re tough to buy for.

How do you find something that’s gift-worthy, while also being innovative and useful, just like they are? Fear not.

Here are 10 of the coolest and hardest-working gifts for the entrepreneur in your life:

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Moleskine Notebooks

A ton of great thinkers, writers and artists have used these logo-less black notebooks to create masterpieces and launch ideas for more than a century. Today, the Moleskine brand is still a top choice among the business elite and entrepreneurs alike.

Moleskine has created the Evernote line of business journals and notebooks that are not only sleek-looking and convenient for note taking and idea jotting, but also work in conjunction with a smartphone app. At just $25-$30, these notebooks are a must-have for any entrepreneur on the rise.


People who are starting their own businesses are often on the phone all the time. Save your entrepreneur from spending eight hours a day on their smartphones with a cool and functional handset and dock.

They can place their smartphone in the dock to charge it, and connect the wireless handset via Bluetooth to make calls. Not only is it high-tech and multifunctional, but the handset is also comfortable to use and has a sleek design.

Tracking Tags

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their minds, and in the hierarchy of things to worry about, their house keys or wallet shouldn’t even rank. For the brilliant, if scatterbrained, entrepreneur, consider the gift of GPS-located items.

Tile’s Tracking Tags are just $25 each, and use GPS technology to locate missing items. Use the tags on luggage, technology, keys and more to easily track down lost things using the Tile app. Entrepreneurs will dig the high-tech aspect of the gift, and will appreciate the extra time they can spend working, instead of looking for their wallet.

Web Tools

All entrepreneurs these days need to use Web-based tools to operate and grow their businesses. Give a gift that will truly help kick-start their company by helping them get set up with the tools they need online. Set them up with a blog or buy them an enterprise version of accounting or database software for themselves and their employees.

If you really want to go all out, consider helping the entrepreneur with one of today’s most important technologies: the cloud. Help them become more efficient with options like the Virtual Identity Server for Office 365, which extends Office 365 with enhanced security and functionality features. 

It allows you to access cloud-based email, file sharing and Office applications – without an on-site server. It also tracks who has logged in and when, what changes were made and other security features. There’s no better way for an entrepreneur to protect their growing business.

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Coffee Machine

What business doesn’t run on coffee? Making a big pot is great for large companies, but most startups and small businesses have small teams. If your entrepreneur works alone, or only has a few employees in the office, think about getting them a Keurig, or other single-cup coffee or espresso maker.

Everyone can make their own coffee to their individual tastes, and starting at $150, it’s a great investment for the entrepreneur in your life.

Business Card Case

For the entrepreneur who has all gadgets and everything techy, go old school analog with a sleek business card holder. They’ll be sure to stand out at meetings with a modern design that’s customized to your entrepreneur’s tastes. If vintage is more your entrepreneur’s style, check out sites like Etsy or eBay to find just the right design.

Reading Material

For solid business advice, entrepreneurs already turn to the stuff written by the pros. Encourage them to stay motivated, get innovative and keep their chins up by getting them a subscription to an industry magazine or a few books written by the top people in their fields. Books are always a great gift, and you can easily mix and match books and magazines to cater to your entrepreneur’s personality.

External Hard Drive

An entrepreneur’s computer is everything. More than likely, it’s where his or her business started, and the heart of where it’s being run. Give your friend or loved one a gift they’re sure to make a lot of use of by investing in an external hard drive.

Let your entrepreneur store everything from the seed they planted for their business to the most recent logo design all in one secure drive. A great quality external hard drive starts at about $120, and can really save your entrepreneur from the scares that can accompany a digital world.

Fitness Tracker

One of the biggest trends in wearable technology is the fitness tracker. Entrepreneurs’ whole lives are devoted to work and their companies. When you’re so committed to making your dream come true, it’s easy to let things like exercise and fitness fall by the wayside.

With exercise trackers like the FitBit, Jawbone or a host of other wearable fitness trackers starting as low as $15, your entrepreneur can keep fitness and activity top of mind while they work. Many wearable trackers will buzz to remind the wearer to get up and move, in addition to tracking steps, calories burned and sleep.

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Tech Covers

Entrepreneurs in the digital age are all about their gadgets. They need their smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches and anything else that comes down the pike to make their lives easier. Make sure all their gear is protected in style with cases that are stylish, and maybe even that serve another purpose.

Try a phone case that has a credit card holder on the back, or a tablet holder that doubles as a portfolio. These gifts are functional, and can really express your entrepreneur’s personality. Entrepreneurs don’t have to be a nightmare to shop for. With these ideas in your grab bag, you’re sure to find a gift that will please the small-business owner in your life.

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