Support the marathoner in your life with these tips from the pros

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiTodd Maisel, New York Daily News/New York Daily News The TCS New York City Marathon descends upon the five boroughs Nov. 2.

Running is hard enough, but running a marathon is the Mount Olympus of athletic feats. If you have loved ones participating in Sunday’s TCS New York City Marathon, you know how hard they’ve been training leading up to the big day.

Before, during and after the race, there is plenty you can do to support the runner in your life. We’ve rounded up these do’s and don’ts from the pros like Meb Keflezighi and Caroline Wozniacki; it turns out, you have a role in making or breaking your marathoner’s epic event. So whether or not you’re pounding the pavement Sunday, read on.

DON’T plan on an active few days beforehand

“In the few days before the race, don’t make me indulge in all of NYC’s great offerings: walking around town and sightseeing, indulging in tasty foods, standing on my feet all day and staying up late. The days before the race should be all about resting, staying off your feet, hydrating and eating foods your body is used to. Save the indulgences for post-race celebrations.” -Linsey Corbin, U.S. triathlete

DON’T mess with their sleep

“No midnight wake-ups! Sleep is extremely important the night before and two nights before the race.” -Meb Keflezighi,winner of the 2009 NYC Marathon and the 2014 winner of the Boston Marathon

DON’T call or text the night before

“I totally appreciate when my friends realize I am about to run a race the next morning and find the urge to wish me the best of luck late at night while they are letting loose with friends. However, I am in bed early. I won’t pick up your call. I won’t answer your text messages. I am having a hard enough time sleeping already! Leave your good luck wishes on Facebook” -Lauren Kleppin, ASICS marathoner

DON’T provide alcohol the night before or morning of

“Stay away! Don’t celebrate til after your cross that finish line.” -Amber Sabathia, running with C.C. Sabathia’ PitCCh In Foundation

DON’T call or text your runner during the event

“Answering their phone or texting is the last thing they’re worried about.” -Traci Copeland, Nike+ NYC Running Club coach

DON’T cheer the wrong thing

“The best things to say are things like, ‘You look super strong!’, ‘You’re doing awesome!’, ‘You’ve got a great pace going!'” -Andy Potts, ASICS marathoner


DO give a pep talk

“Have a quick conversation with your runner before the race about how your training will pay off. The talk gives me a boost of confidence and helps get in the right mindset. ” -Desi Linden, elite athlete with Brooks Running

DO provide good tunes

“Make them an awesome playlist. I will be running with some great tunes. Beyonce obviously has taken over my playlist. I’ve always been a great Beyonce fan, but actually running and listening to her music and her lyrics has been so empowering. Her songs are so empowering for women, and they definitely push me to keep going.” -Amber Sabathia

DO support your loved one’s charity

“I hope that there will be a lot of people still donating [to my Team For Kids page] the last few days before the marathon at crowdrise.com/carolinew. I hope that a lot of people will want to support me and help see me through the run.” -Caroline Wozniacki, tennis pro running for Team for Kids

DO be encouraging

“Offer support and confidence. My mom used to tell me before every game, ‘Play proud.’ I have that tattooed on my ribs right now. That simple encouragement is all you need.” –Tiki Barber, running with C.C. Sabathia’s PitCCh In Foundation

DO cheer at points other than the finish

“A marathon usually gets tough around mile 20. That’s why I love hearing some extra motivation around that point of the course to keep me going strong all the way through the finish line.” -Ryan Vail, elite athlete with Brooks Running

DO head to the finish line with snacks

“Knowing my friends are going to be at the finish line will also be a very positive thing. I told them to have some chocolate and something sweet ready, so I have something to look forward to once I finish.” -Caroline Wozniacki

DO remember the big picture

“The best thing they can do is let me know that whatever the result is, I have worked hard for a good cause and they are so proud of just that.” -Teri Hatcher, actress running for J/P Haitian Relief


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