Let Go to Grow: How Companies Smartly Manage a Distributed Workforce

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Don’t Underestimate the Power Social Media Communication Has on Your Credibility

Photo credit: mimagephotography/Shutterstock When you treat each online engagement as a high-stakes, face-to-face conversation, you demonstrate the consistency needed to positively influence others and build the trust necessary for success. Communicating [...]

How Color Can Impact Your Restaurant

Photo credit: Tamisclao/Shutterstock Learn how you can use color to create a more inviting restaurant environment. A major aspect of starting a restaurant is creating an overall mood or atmosphere. This usually means influencing a customer’s [...]

4 Ways to Expand Your B2B Services Beyond Your Local Market

Image credit: Mathias Rosenthal/Shutterstock When your profits plateau, you may need to grow a customer base of businesses outside your local net. Here’s how to start. There’s a common plateau that B2B service providers run into. [...]

The State of Big-Box Retailers (and What That Means for SMBs)

Photo credit: James R. Martin/Shutterstock The current state of massive physical retail chains like Best Buy and Walmart may offer clues to the future for small businesses. Black Friday, likely the biggest day of the year for big-box retail [...]

Should You Buy an Existing Franchise?

Photo credit: alejandro dans neergaard/Shutterstock Buying an existing franchise can be an appealing option for interested buyers, but it requires close scrutiny before you make the leap. Here are four critical questions to ask yourself to [...]

Debunking the Myths of Starting a Business Later in Life

Photo credit: mimagephotography/Shutterstock Even the most experienced 50-something might feel nervous about the challenges of starting a business in today’s modern landscape. Keep calm and don’t be afraid to get started. Keep [...]

Cash Register Buying Guide: POS vs. Cash Registers vs. Tablet mPOS

Photo credit: ESB Professional/Shutterstock Do you want to go mobile, digital or old-school? There’s a lot more to selecting a till than most people realize. Today’s business owners not only have to choose between a traditional cash [...]

Hiring a Construction Project Manager? Look for These Skills

Photo credit: JP WALLET/Shutterstock  A project manager is a vital addition to your construction team, so you’ll want to hire the best. Here are some things to look for in your candidates. A construction project manager is your eyes [...]

Tech and Equipment to Jump-Start Your Catering Business

Photo credit: Natalia Kirichenko/Shutterstock It’s not as easy as just cooking. You must consider the technology and equipment you need to succeed as a catering business. Check out this guide to what you need. If you’re looking [...]