Boomers: The Unexpected New Wave of Entrepreneurs

Photo credit: stockfour/Shutterstock As baby boomers approach retirement age, many are exploring an exciting new life and career path: being an entrepreneur. Baby boomers were the generation most responsible for the 20th century megasurge [...]

Get a Little Chalk on Your Shoes

Photo credit: cunaplus/Shutterstock When trying to expand your business, you may need to try creative approaches that aren’t plays right down the middle of the field. Like a good running back on the football field, you may need to “get [...]

Confidants Turned Colleagues: How to Start a Business with Your Best Friend

Photo credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock This CEO and his best friend have run a successful, high-volume franchise sandwich business by following these four simple rules. Your best friend is someone you admire – someone you mesh [...]

How to Successfully Expand Your Brand Into Unknown Territory

Photo credit: isak55/Shutterstock Your balance sheet can’t tell you when to expand – only your instincts and research can do that. Follow these tips to identify opportunities for growth, expand your customer base, and push your brand [...]

The Management Theory of Mary Parker Follett

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Five Ways to Level Up Your Focus at Work

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How Great Packaging Changes the Game for E-commerce Companies

Photo credit: Sandra Cunningham/Shutterstock As e-commerce becomes an increasingly vital channel for many businesses, savvy retailers are beginning to recognize the power of packaging. Retailers should optimize for the convenience of the customer [...]

Retail Accounting: What You Need to Know About Inventory

Photo credit: Beros919/Shutterstock Every industry has its own accounting factors. Here are the factors that make retail accounting unique. While some basics apply to all businesses, accounting is different from industry to industry. Accounting [...]

How to Change Your Business Structure

Photo credit: Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock As your business grows, you may need to reconsider your existing business structure. But do you even know where to start? Check out this guide. Your business structure is the backbone of your company. [...]

7 Essential POS System Features for Your Retail Business

Photo credit: Simon Kadula/Shutterstock If you’re looking for a POS system for your retail store, make sure it has these seven features. A seamless POS system can revolutionize any retail business – if it has all the features you need. [...]