Turn Up the Volume: 3 Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Traffic

Perhaps, if it was seven years ago I would not have been that confident to say this but in today’s competitive market, almost every entrepreneur has heard about the great influence of growth hacking framework on digital marketing strategies.

Marketers often misunderstand the fact that growth hacking is about mindset, not tools.

It’s very surprising to see that digital marketers spend lots of time experimenting growth marketing tools without paying attention to the growth framework.

Generally, growth hacking framework composes of four important steps: Attract, Engage, Acquire, and Maintain. Although each step plays a great role in the growth of your business, if you choose to follow the complete cycle you can achieve amazing results in long term.

Based on growth hacking framework, at the beginning, a growth marketer must focus on attracting visitors. Since your visitors have plenty of other options to choose from, it is essential to offer them a unique value proposition.

One of the efficient ways to intrigue prospective customers to stay longer on your website and learn more about your business is content marketing. Content curation and content creation works well for both early stage startups and established businesses.

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1. Great Content Is Important but Not Enough

You may have heard about blogging, however, the secret to success with content marketing is beyond setting up a WordPress blog. Whether you curate content or create them, your growth rate heavily depends on how effective you can target the right audience. As a matter of fact, it’s essential to understand your customer’s persona before you craft any piece of article.

If you want to achieve great results with your growth marketing initiative, you must take guesswork out of the equation. In fact, you need to use practical tools like empathy map and discover more about your prospective customer’s desires, pains, attitude, and goals, and then craft your contents to address their issues.

You can easily print the empathy map template and place it on the wall and begin discovering more about your readers. Bear in mind that your readers will be your future buyers if you manage to engage them the right way.

It would be good if you begin by answering the following questions.

  1. What is her big plan?
  2. What does she read, watch, listen to on a daily basis?
  3. What keeps her up at night?
  4. What is her single most important challenge?
  5. How does she perceive success?
  6. What is she worried about?
  7. What makes her laugh and enjoy her time?
  8. Who dos she cherishes the most? And why?
  9. How is she influenced? And b whom?
  10. How does she behave in public, communities, parties, and among friends? 

Obviously, the more you know about your readers, it would be easier to target them and convert them to loyal customers.

2. Invest in Guest-Posting

While crafting epic content for your blog takes time, you might hear from your growth hacker that you need to write impressive posts and give it away for free. Bear in mind that guest posting is not a short term strategy and only produce results if you can commit to publishing valuable articles constantly for at least six months. On the other hand, it helps you increase brand awareness and get new visitors.

It is the rule of thumb to give first before you get anything. The same principle applies in guest posting. There are typical bloggers who spin and publish articles every day that are of no value to their readers. It’s important to add value to the host blog that you are writing for.

Instead of posting articles that are short and have zero value for your host’s readers, you must spend enough time understanding their reader’s interest and craft an epic content to enthuse them to read. Your effort to make the host blog better will help you build a good reputation as a great content marketer.

3. Make Stunning Infographics

It’s inevitable that using visuals in your content is more intriguing that a lengthy text. Especially, visuals are more appealing to the Millennials who live with their smartphone. One of the proven content frameworks that generate great results is creating infographics because people love to spend their time on entertaining contents, such as videos, images and infographics.

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growth hacking infographic
growth hacking infographic

In order to create a great infographic, you can follow the following three steps.

A Topic That Attract Can Change the Game

One of the biggest mistakes that content marketers make is that they assume that their infographic goes viral simply because they think it is a great idea. Before you get too excited about the result of your infographic, you must collect enough facts to support that your work will grab the market’s attention. You can use market analysis tools like Buzzsumo to explore the current trends, and find out the topics that people love to share, and read.

Narrative and Story Makes a Huge Difference

It is a fact that people love to hear stories. In fact, all viral infographics had a narrative that appealed to specific audience. Once it appeals to your readers they will share it on social media and you will get a better exposure.

To achieve optimum results, you must first investigate the reliable sources and collect plenty of facts to write your story. Bear in mind that you must not use all facts as it will be overwhelming. Try to design your infographic as clean as possible.

Share It Beyond Your Network

Sharing the infographic through email, social media, and social application is great, however, you can boost your result by approaching the other social evangelists who have shared similar infographics. Since they were interested in sharing infographics, the will highly likely to share yours too. This way you can increase your chance of getting your infographic shared beyond your personal network.

Growth marketing is a great phenomenon, however, it is daunting to see that great startups and businesses struggle to grow their business simply because they blindly follow every new growth marketing tactic. The truth about successful growth hacking strategy is to follow a proven framework not to follow the trend.

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Whether you are planning to hire a growth hacker or you prefer to do it yourself, make sure to keep this in mind that growth hacking is about experimenting both typical and unconventional marketing strategies that sometimes might be against every marketing book you have ever read. Your ultimate goal is to grow your business faster.

What strategies do you use to grow your business?

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