The Mobile Marketing Bandwagon: Get On or Get Out

It’s no secret, mobile is the future. Connecting with customers on a qualified mobile device is not only effective, it’s necessary. Look around you. How many people are currently holding, or at least own a mobile device? It’s safe to assume most, if not all, do.

As a business owner or marketing professional, you can do one of two things. You can avoid popular marketing trends, or you can master each new method. Of course, marketing is an everchanging industry, but by staying in the loop, you prepare your business for unlimited growth. 

While some of you may want to shy away from mobile marketing, or put if off until a later date, I suggest you dive right in. Keeping up with the marketing masses allows you to stay competitive, and offer a modern experience tailored to customer’s needs. 

With that said, here’s some of my top recommendations for those of you who are ready to go mobile. 

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Instantly Reach Qualified Customers with Text Message Marketing

When taking advantage of this immediate and affordable mobile communication method, make sure to follow the best practices for text message marketing.

  • First, get permission. Never add numbers to your list without expressed consent. Doing so is bad practice, and also completely illegal.
  • Next, set and follow a frequency. If you promise to only send 4 messages a month, then plan your campaigns around this rule.
  • Finally, provide valuable offers or information. Don’t send out generic announcements or basic promotions. This will only cause your customers to unsubscribe.

Don’t forget to provide opt out instructions on all marketing materials. You should never trap someone into receiving your text messages. As a general rule, don’t send out a campaign before 9AM or after 9PM. This proves to be invasive. 

Design a Customized Mobile App that Enhances the User Eexperience

App downloads are at an all time high. From 2008 to 2015, there have been over 100 billion app downloads in the Apple Store. Ask yourself, how can I use an app to enhance the customer experience? Maybe you allow users to create a personalized wish list.

Sometimes, a custom app can serve multiple purposes. It can list business contact information, showcase products, leave room for reviews and much more. No matter your purpose, make sure your app has been designed with the targeted user in mind. Never develop an app that you yourself wouldn’t find useful.

Branded Apps Infographic

Image via Smart Insights 

When it comes to search functionality 26 percent of consumers start on branded apps. This alone proves that mobile app development is definitely not a waste of time.

Mobile App Usage

Image via Smart Insights

When it comes to mobile media time, Nielson released a report that suggests over 89 percent of media time is spent via mobile apps. 

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Create Mobile Friendly PPC Ads

Some business owners choose to invest big bucks into Google Adwords, while others rely on Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising. While both are extremely different, the same rule still applies.

Preview all ads on a mobile device before publishing, as this is imperative to engagement. If your ads aren’t optimized for mobile, you run the risk of wasting valuable ad spend. These PPC ads may be too large or incorrectly sized for a mobile device. 

Make Sure Your Site is Optimized for Mobile

In light of this spring’s Google algorithm change, a mobile optimized site is imperative to search ranking. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you probably fell in search results, which is definitely less than ideal.

If you’re an online retailer that relies on search traffic, make sure your site is optimized for mobile. To put it in laymen’s terms, your site should be easy to navigate when opened on a mobile device. 

Set some time aside to test your site and make sure it follows the rules of this new algorithm. You can use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

Other Popular Emerging Devices

Smart watches are now appealing to millennials and other demographics. These devices act similarly to mobile devices, but offer a simpler experience. Although Google failed with the first attempt of Google Glass, rumor has it they’re creating a new model that will release within the next year.

Internet Usage Statistic

Image via Smart Insights

Thirty-four percent of consumers use a smart TV to search the Internet. See, mobile marketing sits under the large umbrella of digital marketing. If you create effective mobile campaigns, you can then translate these formulas to other digital devices.

Smart devices will continue to take the country, even world by storm. Keeping that in mind, it’s important you hit the ground running by mastering mobile marketing techniques. Doing this will open your mind up to digital methods, both present and future. 

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