Plug the Holes: 10 Actionable Ways to Optimize Your Website for Increased Conversions

The primary goal of every business is revenue. It’s, therefore, reasonable to say that the goal of every website is more conversions leads, sales, or whatever action you want your visitors to take.

To get more action from your visitors, you need to make frequent changes aimed at increasing the effectiveness of your website and all its elements.

It’s, however, normal to be wary of making changes so you don’t switch the wrong button and hurt your website more instead.

Good news is, there are proven ways to play safe and still grow. Conversion optimization has its safe playing too that is, those practices that have been tested and proven to work generally.

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Find below 10 simple best practices to help you increase conversions on your website.

1. Test! Test! Test!

This is not the first point for fun. It’s probably the most important step in your journey towards web conversion optimization. Even when you’ve been assured that these and countless other tips have been tested and proven to increase conversions, you should still endeavor to test every element you add or every change you make with your specific audience before reaching a permanent conclusion.

The best way to go about this is to carry out an A/B testing where two variant web pages or page elements are being tested against each other to determine which converts more. Then stick to the option that converts more.

2. Get Rid of Image Sliders

Of course, they look cool, but you want your visitors to explore your site at their own pace. Sliders distract the attention of your visitors from what matters. Hundreds of tests and researches have been done, and conversion experts have said sliders are conversion killersTrust me, that’s a good-enough reason to do away with sliders for good. What to do instead? Display your most important offers front and center.

3. Offer Incentives

One good way to increase your conversions is to offer something that will induce your desired action from prospects. You want her to buy your recipe book? Maybe you should first offer her a free special recipe, so you can later sell to her when you have her contact. It’s that simple.

4. Simplify Forms

There are proven tests that simplified web forms encourage visitors to fill them. When you make actions easy to take, more people will take them. It just seems natural. You should simplify the forms on your website by reducing the fields to be filled, and removing CAPTCHA, those things you’re asked to do to prove you’re human, where possible.

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5. Include a Privacy Policy

If you want people to trust you more and fill those forms on your website, include your privacy policy beneath it. Assure them their personal info is safe with you. Your footer is another great place to include your privacy policy, especially on your landing pages. In fact, it’s one of the requirements for ads services like Google and Facebook, if you want your ads to be approved and delivered more.

6. Place CTA Above The Fold

Your call-to-action (CTA) button shouldn’t be hidden down below the fold of your site. This site has a good example of how to do thatYou don’t want to lose prospects because you gave them the task of looking for your links, or because there was nothing to spur them to action at first glance. If you want more conversions, bring your CTA button up and make it visible to visitors without them needing to scroll down. 

7. Write Great Content

Whether it sounds cliché or not, content still remains king. In whatever form it takes, text, video, infographics or images, prospects now want to be educated in order to make informed decisions from amongst the thousands of options out there.

If you check out this post, you’ll get an idea of the type of detailed, useful, relevant and personalized content that users want. Whatever your niche is, if you can provide that more than the competition, they’ll trust you more, and buy more from you. If you have to, go brush up your content marketing skills. You’ll definitely see your conversions improve.

8. Talk in Terms of Benefits

And when you write your content, focus more on what really interests your reader, and highlight what they’ll gain from taking the action you require. That’s how you get people to do things. Don’t go on talking about how great your product is or how many cool features it has. No one cares. Tell them how it can help them and they’ll care.

9. Use Testimonials

Humans are naturally wired to do what they see others doing, believing it’s the appropriate behavior. It’s called social proof. There are many ways you can take advantage of social proof to show credibility and increase your web conversions, but using client testimonials is among the biggest. Anytime you get half of a chance to grab a testimonial from a happy customer, jump at it and put it prominently on your site.

10. Add Live Chat

I don’t know about you, but when I need to contact customer support I’m always discouraged at the thought of when I’ll get a reply. Having a “live chat” option on your site solves that problem. Prospects will simply chat you up, get answers to their questions immediately, and most likely do business with you instantly.

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be as simple as sticking to these and some other best practices, or can be as complex as implementing some more advanced tactics like changing colors, positions, sizes, etc., of web elements that you must test before making any conclusions.

More advanced testing and optimizations aren’t cheap. Some might require thousands of dollars and a lot of time. If you don’t have such time and budget yet, simply stick to the 12 simple tips above and you’ll definitely see your conversions grow. They just might grow enough to make you have a bigger budget for more advanced CRO.

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