Meet Doug Dvorak: 10 Questions With the Sales Coach & Expert

Each month, we honor one of our incredible thought leaders as the Market Expert of the Month. 

April’s honoree, Doug Dvorak, is a seasoned sales coach, author, consultant and CEO of The Sales Coaching Institute. He often writes about sales, leadership and motivational topics. 

Enjoy our 10-question interview with Doug below, and enjoy his recent inspiring post “How to Get Off Your Butt and Get Motivated” that was highly shared! Follow Doug on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

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1. In three sentences or less, tell us “your story” as an entrepreneur.

Business & making money has always been a passion and interest of mine since childhood. I started several small businesses as a child, starting with reselling candy to my friends in my neighborhood.  I made a modest profit, my friends were happy and the entrepreneurial bug bit me.

2.  In three sentences or less, tell us about your business.

I write, speak and consult on evolving digital marketing trends and how it impacts sales, marketing and leadership in organizations.  I have written 6 books on digital marketing, sales and leadership (SEE BELOW).

books by Doug Dvorak

3. What inspired you to start your business?

Passion for helping individuals and companies grow personally and professionally. Have fun and make some money along the way.

4. What is the most rewarding (and the most challenging) part of what you do?

Helping companies embrace, develop and execute a robust, well-defined strategic digital marketing plan that drives a new culture and profits.  I call it “going from Flintstones to Jetson’s technology.”

5. Which current sales trends do you see as “the future”?

More technologies impacting and affecting the sales process. Sales professionals, leaders & companies need to be aware of these technologies, embrace & invest in them or they will be left behind!

6. What do you believe makes for successful sales?

Intention. Understanding the clients business issues/problems and how your product/service/solution can solve their problem.  Strive to add value and be a trusted business advisor first and a sales person second.

7. If you had to give the former you a few words of advice, what would they be?

Follow your heart and passion in your career.  Find what you LOVE to do professionally and do it the rest of your life and if you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want. 

8. How has your experience in the Business.com Market Expert Program benefitted your business and career?

Wide and rich exposure to other thought leaders in the business world. I have been able to create several meaningful relationships through Busines.com and have actually grown my business as the result of being a member of the Business.com Market Expert program.

9. Which entrepreneur do you look up to, and why?

Richard Branson of Virgin. Passionate, innovative risk-taker who creates great businesses that serves a need. He always has a social element to give back some of his profits to the community/social organizations and he has fun!

10. What’s your favorite motivational quote?

“Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you have.” – Unknown

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