Mari Minute Episode 4: How to Grow Your Local Facebook Following

Depending on the type of business you run or work at, a local following and customer base can be crucial to your success. 

Take real estate, for example. Realtors looking to sell homes in a particular area are likely much more interested in growing their local following than they are in building a national or international fan base. 

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In the case of today’s question, the viewer wants to know how to help one of her clients  (a realtor) quickly grow their local community in order to aid in selling two of his properties. 

Regardless of what you do, growing your local community via Facebook is a great option and opportunity. With a relatively low budget, you can create ads utilizing geo targeting to get your business in front of the fans you want—your neighbors! 

How to Target By Location

Within the ads dashboard, one of the first things Facebook wants to know is “who do you want your ads to reach?” Choose either a city or zip code, and then select the radius for how far out you want the net to be cast.

Now, for this particular viewer’s question, it might be best to run a few ads consecutively with geo targeting. For example, you could run a page like campaign targeted at local Facebook users while also boosting a post containing images of a beautiful property up for sale. 

Using a $500-$1200 test budget, start playing around and see what you can achieve. Depending on your goals, you can see massive impact in a short amount of time utilizing the geo targeting in Facebook ads. 

Happy selling, and tune in next week for another episode of #MariMinute!

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