How to Know if Delivery and Takeout Services Are Worth Your Time

Delivery and takeout services can increase your revenue and satisfy new and returning customers, but only if you are well prepared.

Delivery and takeout services can increase your revenue and satisfy new and returning customers, but only if you are well prepared. If you aren’t ready for these services with your staff, system and budget, you may drastically hurt your business.

Here are several criteria to determine if your business is ready to lunge forward and explore delivery and takeout services.

Your Customer Base Is Young

In 2013, 60 percent of Americans said they order food for takeout or delivery at least once a week. Most individuals, especially millennials and younger generations, want things now. They turn to delivery and takeout as ways to get their meals quickly and easily. If your customers are younger, takeout and delivery options can satisfy their immediate needs. However, if many of your customers are older – for example, individuals who like to sit and enjoy their coffee – takeout and delivery services may not be in your best interest.

Your Location Is Ideal

Your restaurant’s geographic location is a large factor with a delivery and takeout service. You need to be nearby your customers and have short travel times to ensure you deliver fresh, hot and quality food. Consider how large of a geographical area you reach. If you live in a rural area with many potential customers living miles away, this may not be a viable option, or you may need to set limitations on the number of miles you drive. However, if you are right downtown with many large businesses nearby and neighborhoods just around the block, then these services may be worthwhile.

Your POS System Is Compatible

Many new point-of-sale (POS) systems support delivery services so you can manage the entire process within your current software. However, if your POS system does not have this capability, you may need a complete overhaul to your software, which can cost time and money for your restaurant.

You Have the Manpower

A delivery and takeout service add a new dynamic to your company. You may need additional employees to handle taking and delivering the orders, which also means more money needed to pay them. While you may think you need just a few delivery drivers, you need to consider your in-house staff members who are taking and preparing the meals. You don’t want to overwhelm your workers and hinder quality customer service and food items. Rushing and understaffing your company can prevent customers from receiving a positive experience that will make them want to come back.

Takeout and delivery services can drastically increase your business, but only if your company is ready and right for it. With a combination of the above factors, your company may be ready to jump into delivery and takeout services.

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