Future of Recruiting: Trends That Will Define 2017

Human resource management is a challenging job. You’re constantly looking for new talent who will contribute to the growth of your company. Constructing the best team is not only about reviewing job applications and interviewing the candidates that apply. It’s about hunting talent and recruiting passive candidates; the ones who are still not aware that they want to work for you.

Recruiting is costly, so you want to get the most out of your efforts. First, you need to identify the possible candidates and convince them to consider your offer. Then, you have to observe their performance and invest in further training. But the trends in recruiting are constantly evolving. You have to be on top of those trends if you want to present your company as a modern organization that’s in front of the competition.

Here’s the trends that are likely to define 2017:

1. Side Businesses

Many people who are already successful at their job would be happy to work on the side. Freelance writing, blogging, photography, graphic design: All these things don’t have to occupy full office hours. Recruiters can attract people for part-time work in their organizations without convincing them to leave their current job.

There are tasks that don’t have to be performed by full-time workers. If you have your eye on an outstanding graphic designer and you want them to join your marketing team, you can make an offer for a part-time job. Then, you’ll just need to show them how great your organization is, so they will consider a possible offer for a full-time position.  

2. Video Resumes

Video resumes may be challenging for the applicants, but they are great for you as a recruiter. You see the candidate’s personality without even inviting them for an interview. You can see how nervous or relaxed they are in front of the camera. You can read their body language and hear their speech. You can’t get those impressions from a written resume or CV. This trend is getting big. Many candidates are willing to present themselves through video; you just need to embrace that technique.

3. Candidates More Often Use Resume Writing Services

An increasing number of job applicants are using professional writing services. According to the data provided by Resumesplanet, the number of people who ordered a resume written by professional writers in 2016 increased by 37 percent compared to previous year. And it seems like this trend will keep growing.

What does this trend mean for employers? If you need a team leader, for example, you’re not going to give the position to the person who can write the best resume. You’re will hire the most accomplished candidate. We should realize that there’s nothing wrong with resume writing services. No matter who has written that resume, it still all about the candidate. As long as the information in the resume is truthful and correct, it’s okay. In fact, we should encourage candidates to get resume writing help because that makes our jobs as employers easier. Think about it: we’ll be getting cleaner, more organized resumes that allow us to spot the important information without wasting time.

4. Larger Investments in Social Marketing Recruitment Efforts

Social media has practically revolutionized recruitment practices. It’s important for you to tap that potential. First of all, these platforms help you get the word out about a job opening. That’s not where the benefits end, though.

Social media is an entire pool of talent. Not every follower of your organization’s page is worthy of consideration. Not every influencer in your niche is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. Your job is to identify the ones that are. Employers are investing resources not only in social media marketing but in recruiting through this platforms as well. They have talent hunters all over LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

5. Employee Training Opportunities

When you’re after talent, you should be aware of the fact that these people want to make progress in their careers. They won’t start working for you just because you offer more money than their current employer. They will consider your offer only if they see an opportunity for growth.

More than 50 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses are already investing in training. You must keep pace with this trend and position training as a priority in your company. When you offer them opportunities, hiring and retention will be easier.  

As you come across different challenges during the recruiting process, you’ll learn how to solve them through analyzing, experimenting and some practice. However, that doesn’t mean you should solely rely on your sound judgment.

Following the biggest trends in recruiting makes this process easier and more effective. You should always be aware of your competitors’ practices and the expectations of the biggest talent in the industry. Hiring in the digital age is all about being an innovative employer who offers not only better pay, but a more attractive organizational culture, as well.

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