Forget Facebook: 6 Apps Revolutionizing the Way We See Social Networking

Everything you know about social networking will change if these six apps have any say about it. As more people become accustomed to sharing and exchanging content through these platforms, companies are starting to understand how people interact and create technology that more closely models that.

At the same time, these companies are driving changes in human behavior, especially in terms of how we communicate with each other. Check out these six revolutionary apps that are altering how we see social networking and providing a glimpse into the future possibilities for human interaction:

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Capshare Media

Capshare Media lets you make interactive movies with your pictures, videos, text, music, effects and captions that you can then share on Capshare or many other popular social media platforms. Their new “group cap” feature allows friends or groups to upload and share pictures from an event. Your group can then see and make their interactive movie from those photos. Since you can do this in real-time, it means you no longer have to forward or text these pictures.


Jott is taking off with junior high and high school students because they do not have to rely on a data plan or Wi-Fi service to use it. Now, that could thrill parents or maybe worry them, the jury is still out. Using a mesh network, you can enjoy the ability to message your friends and family through Jott’s service. 

jott for smartphones

Image via Jott

You can stay in contact and directly text someone in your group without worrying what it may cost or whether you can find Wi-Fi. Jott is ideal for school campuses and providing students with a way to get their social fix.

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6Tribes is currently only available in the UK; this app illustrates how social media is becoming more tailor-made to users in a similar way to Pinterest, but that expands the types of interests available. You can form a tribe based on recommendations from the app after it searches your phone data so it can offer people who share your “social DNA.”

They are taking your email now so you can be ready to download it as soon as it arrives from across the pond.

Social Synergy Media

Social Synergy Media promises a suite of revolutionary social media apps. The company has planted one on us in the form of KiSS, which is changing the world of dating apps by making one for high schoolers.

Social Synergy Media

Image via Social Synergy Media

Noting that it is not Tinder for the younger set, this social app is revolutionary because it is an anonymous way to find out if one person likes another person, reducing the embarrassment of public rejection. Social Synergy Media recognizes we are all just human and have feelings, which is often missing from the social networking world.


Heard has taken the idea of that cool person at parties where everyone has gathered around and turned it into a free-flowing social exchange app. You no longer have to search for content or follow or friend people who have those interesting things to say because Heard’s matching and reputation engines will do that for you and populate your feed with a stream of content that fits you.

In return, you are connected in a social way to those that have created this interesting content, which changes the whole dynamic of content and conversation within social networking.


While you might think your phone contact list is just a functional part of social interaction, Rinbw has recreated it into a “fun book.” You can check on the status of your friends that comes with a customized five-second video clip that expresses what they are doing, thinking, or feeling at that moment.

rinbw homescreen

Image via Rinbw

You can also send them some love for the video clip they are using to compliment their video status or just to send encouragement and support. All you need to do is double tap your screen and “fruit” them.

Final Thoughts

These apps are not only changing the social dynamic of social networking, but they are allowing this exchange to become more personal and unique in the experience it delivers to each user. You will be able to connect more easily with what you want while discovering more people who truly share your interests no matter where they are in the world.

Some of the technology used here shows that these apps are learning continually to improve the user’s experience. Others are proving that someday wi-fi and data plans will go the way of the CD, DVD and videotape.

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