Creating Killer Content: 5 Easy to Use Tools for Better Writing in Less Time

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by”, says Douglas Adams, “The Salmon of Doubt”.

Hopefully, you will not live by the same words. It does not matter if you are copywriting for a company, freelancing for a couple of clients, or working for a publisher.

Deadlines will always be a huge part of your writing career, dictating the way you manage your time and manage your work ethics.

Keep in mind that writing can already be a stressful and challenging task. You are often required to do in-depth research, validate facts, write the actual piece, and polish your work to perfection. Deadlines?

They are just there to apply some pressure and get your creative juices flowing. You should not succumb to them even if you are juggling multiple projects at once. Moreover, to help you with this, here are five easy-to-use tools that will help you write better and faster:

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1. Help Me Write

Coming up with a great topic idea is one of the most significant challenges for writing. Bloggers, in particular, have a nasty habit of skipping or breezing through this obstacle without giving it much thought. In turn, they usually end up wasting their time pouring their effort in articles that no one will read.

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Help Me Write is a great platform that can help you come up with topic ideas that your audience will be interested in. It works by letting you list your thoughts, share them to your networks, and letting your audience decide which one they would rather read. This is extremely useful if you already have an established social media following. 

2. MyBlogU

MyBlogU is another tool that can help you generate great topic ideas. It describes itself as a crowdsourcing tool for content ideas. Its main feature, known as “Brainstorm,” allows you to request for unique and compelling content ideas from members. Additionally, these ideas will be further refined and explored in all angles helping you end up with a 100 percent unique topic idea.

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To improve the quality of your work, you can also ask for others’ feedback, insights, and suggestions. For example, you can ask them to critique your current project or share their favorite content marketing tools. However, it is worth noting that the platform is moderated by the company’s editors. This is why you should take your time to create detailed questions as well as build yourself up in the website’s forums. On the plus side, you are guaranteed professional attention once you are deemed ready to create your content.

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3. Hemingway App

After coming up with a topic idea and writing the actual content, the next step is to review and proofread your work. This is critical if you want to ensure good readability and overall quality. However, despite its importance, many freelance writers settle for a quick spell-check – hoping that it all comes together in the eyes of readers.

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If you need a faster way to polish your work, then you can use the Hemingway App. It is a straightforward, distraction-free tool that evaluates your work and offers suggestions. All you need to do is to paste your article on the editor, and it will automatically highlight the problem areas. Aside from spelling and grammar, it also detects various readability issues such as complicated words and lengthy sentences. 

4. RobotDon

RobotDon is another web-based editing tool that does a comprehensive breakdown of your article. It features an advanced text analytics that allows you to track keyword frequency as well as thematic words. It also checks your work for plagiarism, which is a pressing issue especially if you do much online writing.

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The proofreading aspect of RobotDon is quite comprehensive as well. It can help by assessing your current writing style and pointing out bad habits such as too many adverbs, complex words, and unnecessarily long introductory clauses. The simplified and organized interface should help you spot these issues with ease.

5. Twords

In today’s fast-paced industry, plenty of writers overlook the importance of setting writing goals that will help them grow. While the rest of the tools on this list can improve the quality of your articles, Twords can help you become a better writer altogether. It is a platform specifically developed to help writers track their writing activities, learn better techniques, and improve over time.

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Whether it is a 100,000-word eBook or a month’s worth of blog posts, you can stay ahead of your writing goals by logging information such as the words you’ve written and the days you’ve missed. You can also improve your skills through randomized prompts that can help you evaluate your writing. Moreover, to reap the full benefits of your efforts, you can connect with Twords’ community that fosters motivation and accountability. 

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Writing is one of the most intensive and demanding professions there is today. There is so much work to be done not just in writing itself, but in improving your skills and building your writing portfolio. With the tools above, you can systematically improve different areas of your career from topic generation to your ethics. Try them out on your next project and see how helpful these tools can be.

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